25 Crab Gifts That Blow Your Mind

Some people find crabs to be adorable. The big pinchers, hilarious side-way movements, cute eyes, and unique colors are very mascot-like, hence the popularity. Not just the shape, crab is among the most delicious seafood! You are missing out big time if you’ve never tried it. So, if you are looking for a gift idea, you should consider crab-themed products.

If you are unsure which crab-themed item is the best, don’t worry! Because we have got you covered! We have compiled a list of gorgeous crab-themed gifts that you should consider buying. They will be suitable for loved ones or even for yourself. Let’s check them out one by one!

Crab Gifts for Adults

All people have their favorite animal, even adults. So, if your best friend loves crabs, you should consider getting a practical yet cute crab-themed item that will cheer them up. They will appreciate it!

1. Crab Coaster Set for a Cute Gift!


Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a wooden coaster set with a crab design in the dining room? It is not just adorable but also very practical for your friend. The coasters are stackable for ease of storage. They are also handmade and very well crafted. Just look at the cute eyes and pinchers! Don’t miss out on this one.

2. Clawsome Charm Bracelet for a Friend!


Charm bracelets will never go out of style! Particularly the one with this unique crab pendant. This item is not just pretty but will also strengthen your friendship. Furthermore, it comes with a beautiful card with a sweet message, making this bracelet the perfect crab-themed gift for a dear friend!

3. Super Cute Gold Crab Necklace Gift


This super adorable gold necklace with a crab pendant is the ultimate accessory for crab lovers. It is tastefully designed in a minimalistic shape yet gives off plenty of cuteness. It is also perfect to wear on any casual or even formal occasion. Surprise your bestie, spouse, or sister by giving this stunning necklace as a crab-themed gift

4. Crab Wall Art Sculpture Gift


Hanging your favorite person or animal on the wall is pretty standard. However, this crab-themed wall decoration is different! Hardcore crab enthusiast can put their favorite crustacean to decorate their bedroom or living room walls using this item. It is cut smoothly and offers subtly detailed, so it looks super exquisite.

5. Personalized Crab Keyring as a Small Gift


The best gift does not have to be complex or expensive! A small yet personalized item like this crab keyring is a perfect alternative. You can put your friend’s name on the ring using the alphabet beads. The word which appears on the keyring will be helpful in case your friend drops it. Of course, it also features an adorable tiny metal crab, perfect for crab fans.

6. Crab Utensil Rest for Kitchen Gift

Personalized Crab Keyring

This is an unpredictable gift since no one realizes the function of this crab-shaped thing at first glance. Check out Red, The Crab! Always stand by to hold your kitchen utensil. Also, you don’t have to worry whether it is safe or not for food because the material is silicone with BPA Free rating.

7. Mini Fluorite Crab


These handcrafted mini crabs serve as healing stones. They are made from natural fluorite crystals and come in various colors. Furthermore, they are not only cute but also sweet as a surprise gift for your friend who loves crabs.

8. Holy Crab! T-shirt


If you are looking for a family-friendly expletive, try saying, “Holy crab!”. It is perfect for crab lovers who want to express their emotions whenever they feel shocked, surprised, or amused. The hilarious pun and an adorable crab illustration are now printed on this comfy t-shirt. A suitable gift to cheer your friends up.

9. Crab Striped Throw Pillow


Adding a throwing pillow to the living room is a great way to entertain your guests. Now this one is especially nice because it features crab motifs. The linen striped throw pillow with crab print will be a fabulous crab gift to surprise fans of the creature. The design is simple, so it will blend well with any interior design.

10.  Wrapped Canvas Crab-themed Art

crab gifts

Create a modern and artsy look in the living room by adding this unique crab-themed wall decor. It is made from wrapped canvas to create one-of-a-kind aesthetic patterns. This crab graphic art is stunning, extraordinary, and goes extra! 

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11. Swim Trunks with Crab Motifs for Men

crab gifts

Let’s surprise your older brother with the bright red swim trunk with the crab motifs! This item is one of the most hilarious and totally unironically fun gifts for men. It uses 100% polyester, so it is comfortable to wear. Also, a string on the waist to adjust the fit.

12. Crab & Lobster Flat Shoes for Women

crab gifts

You should consider this pair of flat shoes with a crab and lobster pattern for your sister! It is super stylish because of its asymmetrical aesthetic. Not just the design, these flats also offer excellent comfortability. It utilizes cushioned footbeds and comfy leather linings, so it feels good on the feet.

13. Vintage Crab Metal Signs

crab gifts

Bring the old-school seaside atmosphere to your home with this crab metal sign! You can hang it in your bedroom, kitchen, or dining room. The sign size is 8 x 12 inches, which will fit any wall or door. Get this crab gift if your friend is looking for wall decor that is unique and fun at the same time.

14. Crab House Serving Tray

crab gifts

Do you love seafood? You can serve some delicious crabs with this beautiful serving tray! The meal will taste more delicious when you serve it on the crab-themed enamelware. You should get one for your colleague or family because kitchenware is always a good idea as a gift for adults.

Crab Gifts for Kids

Crabs do have unique shapes and characteristics. It has mascot-like features that make the creature very loveable, especially popular among children. You may know about Mr. Crab from the Spongebob series, one of the iconic crab characters in cartoons. Hence, you should consider crab-themed items for your kids. Here are our recommendations.

15. Kids’ Crab Silk Tie

crab gifts

Your son or nephew will be happy when you give them this cute silk tie with crab patterns. The sweet red color and adorable crabs blend perfectly. Also, this crab gift is suitable for formal occasions. It allows kids to dress up based on the dress code but still in a fun way. Adult men will envy your kids once they see this tie!

16. “This is My Crab Eating Shirt” Bib

crab gifts

Training your baby to eat solid foods is an unforgettable experience. You can create a more fun eating time with this cute crab-themed bib. Your baby will love this attractive design and will love to eat on the baby chair. The bib uses soft fabric, so it is safe for you to wipe the baby’s mouth with it.

17. “My Poppa Loves Me” Crab Shirt

crab gifts

A funny kid’s shirt will never get boring. This cute crab gift for your kids will make them happier than before. A cute crab illustration, sweet text on it, and comfortable material for daily wear is a complete package gift for the kids. Guess this will be their favorite shirt ever!

18. Little Crab Finger Puppet Book

crab gifts

Bedtime stories will be more exciting with this crab finger puppet! It is attached to a quirky storybook that covers various fun rhymes and narrations. In any case, the soft and fluffy little crab will add extra fun storytelling. You can even let your kids name and operate the adorable little puppet.

19. Oscar, The Mighty Crab Story Book

crab gifts

It is time to introduce your kids to the beautiful sea story of Oscar the Crab through this storybook. Your kids will meet Oscar, the mighty crab, who wants to tell its life under the sea. It is not just cute but also meaningful since your kids will learn about marine life in a fun way.

20. Kids’ Crab Stud Earrings

crab gifts

Surprise your daughter by giving this crab gift on her birthday. These cute crab-themed earring studs will be her treasured jewel. Look at how adorable the crabs are with the sweet pink color! It also features colorful crystals that will delight your kids.

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Funny Crab Gifts You Don’t Think It Exists

If you are looking for gifts that can entertain the receivers, consider the following crab-themed items! They are not just funny but also practical in some ways. The playful design will definitely surprise your colleague!

21. Crab Claw Oven Glove

Claw Oven Glove

This oven glove is one of the cutest and funniest crab gift-themed to surprise your friends. It will turn your friend’s hand into a crab claw whenever they wear it! Also, this one is useful, especially when the recipient loves to bake very much. Kitchenware is always a safe gift because it is essential for one’s life.

22. “I Just Freaking Love Crabs” Mug

crab gifts

This unique and funny mug will boost your friend’s mood while sipping tea or coffee in the morning. Besides, you can choose the color based on your best friend’s favorite. It is cute, sturdy, and cool at the same time.

23. Blue Crab Garden Wind Chime

Garden Wind Chime - Blue Crab

Place this crab wind chime beside the door or windows to feel the perfect summer or spring breeze! This unique accessory will bring the side vibe back home. It is also perfect to surprise your friend who loves the pinchy-crustacean! In any case, the crab wind chime is gorgeous and fun as a decoration.

24. Funny Lobster Crab Claws

Funny Lobster Crab Claws Gloves

Let’s shock your friend by giving them these clawsome gloves at the Halloween party or Christmas gift exchange. This crab gift is undeniable and beyond your expectation for sure. It is made from latex, so it is comfortable to wear for fun since it is soft and smooth. It’s time to pinch something, or someone, with the claws!

25. Fuzzy Crab Slippers for Women

Fuzzy Feet Slippers for Women

The latex Clawsome gloves are among the funniest crab-themed gifts we cover in this article. It features a realistic design that will delight the gift receiver. The pair of gloves is also an excellent prop for cosplay! Let your friend wear it and pinch everybody out!

Latest Post:

What are the best crab gifts for adults?

The best crab-themed gifts for adults should be practical, simple, and adorable at the same time. For example, you should consider the golden crab necklace! It has a lovely design perfect for your wife or girlfriend.

If you are looking for a suitable gift for men, you can get him a swim trunk with the crab motifs! At first glance, it may look tacky, but men love cheesy stuff like that. Furthermore, you should buy the unique Crab Utensil Holder! The practical figurine will look great in the kitchen and assist your friend during a cooking session.

What are the best crab gifts for kids?

The best crab-themed gift for kids should include items that can stimulate their imagination. Hence, the Little Crab finger puppet book is one of the most excellent gifts for your sons or daughters. Storytime will be a lot more fun! Moreover, the cute silk tie with crab and the t-shirts for kids are also great to enhance your children’s fashion style.

What are the best funny crab gifts?

The best funny crab gifts above, but our favorite are latex clawsome gloves because it suits for cosplay, surprising your friends, and any other fun activities you can do together. Also, there is a claw oven glove that is very useful for the baking lovers in the kitchen.

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