25 Useful Gifts for Cosplayers They Will Love

Cosplayers are the most creative, talented, and dedicated artists we can ever encounter. Whether you are into costume play or not, you probably know that it takes time, effort, and endless practice. On top of that, cosplay can cost a lot of money since cosplayers need to buy or create their own costumes and props. And if you wonder what kind of gift is appropriate for cosplayers, cosplay supplies are a great place to look up. 

In this article, we’ve selected a list of the best gifts for cosplayers you can get that are actually useful and they will love it. Check the following list for the ultimate gift guide for cosplayers.

BEST Gifts for Cosplayers

Navigating the vibrant world of cosplay? Seeking that perfect gift that screams authenticity and passion? Dive into our curated collection tailored for every cosplayer’s fantasy. Whether newbie or seasoned pro, these gifts are set to elevate any cosplay game to legendary status!

Ready your shopping bags, because these gift ideas will teleport you straight to a cosplayer’s heart!

1. Small Demon Horns

Small Demon horns

Looks simple and not many people might think of it, but small horns can be very useful for cosplayers. They can create different looks by using these small horns whether they use it directly with the clips or adjust it to create something very different.

We know that cosplayers love to DIY their props to meet their cosplay goal, and these horns are very easy to work with. They can change the paint, add prosthetics, and many more. 

2. Face Body Paint Oil Palette

Face Body Paint Oil Palette

Body paint is probably a makeup supply every cosplayers own. Some cosplayers might even own several body painting kits for different purposes. This body paint kit contains 20 high pigmented colors in a convenient plastic case that applies easily with sponge or brush.

It is also packed with 10 pcs detail brushes to work on the face and body allowing them to flawlessly and easily mix and layer. With a wide range of colors from bright neon to deep colors, they can create limitless color mix with these palettes.

3. Fairy Pixie Elf Ears

Fairy Pixie Elf Ears

Fairies and pixies are some characters that often appear on comic con and other cosplay events, especially when the cosplayers try to recreate characters from games and fantasy movies. Those looks require specific ear shapes to make the cosplay from mediocre to professional.

These fairy pixie ears can help them save time and money so they don’t have to make their own ears from scratch. 

4. Multi-color Lolita Wig

Multi-color Lolita Wig

Wigs are one of the most important elements of cosplay. If they create characters from video games, comics, and anime, they will likely need colorful wigs to go to. This is why a multicolored wig can be a great gift for cosplayers.

You may need to get to know whether they already have the wigs with its specific color or not to make sure that you don’t buy something they already have. 

5. False Muscle

False Muscle

Some fake body parts are sometimes also used in cosplay when needed. It can range from fake boobs, fake asses, to fake muscles like this one.

This fake muscle can be another great gift for cosplayers especially for those who love to cosplay characters with distinct muscly looks such as Thor and other superheroes. It will help them a lot with their looks and they can create so much better cosplay looks with it. 

6. Creative Cosplay Book by Amanda Haas

Creative Cosplay - by Amanda Haas

And of course, no cosplayers will resist a good book about cosplay, especially when it was written by a professional cosplayer. This book will give them an inspirational guide to the art of making designer-quality costumes.

From how to research and decide what costume to make, fabric selection, sewing guidelines, to how to ultimately wear costumes at a convention. This book will give them a better view of the art of cosplay and take their skill to the next level. 

7. Fabulous Cosplay Footwear

Fabulous Cosplay Footwear - by Regan Cerato _ Kelley Kullman

Other than costume making, shoes options are also very important in cosplay. You can’t have a successful cosplay if you put on the wrong shoes.

Hence, this book will also make a great gift for cosplayers. This book provides an easy-to-follow guide to make boot covers, tights, and shoes for cosplay so they can make their very own custom-designed shoes that will perfectly fit their character. 

8. Scar Wax Kit

Scar Wax Kit

If you know a thing or two about special effect makeup, you know that a scar wax kit is one of the key elements of the makeup success. And cosplay often needs some kind of makeup adjustment and manipulation to make the characters look real and believable.

This scar wax kit will be very useful and make the perfect gift for cosplayers you know. 

9. Clear Prosthetic Adhesive

Clear Prosthetic Adhesive

Prosthetics are also one of the most important elements of cosplay. And what goes with it? A prosthetic adhesive.

A good-quality prosthetic adhesive will help the prosthetic to stick better to the skin creating a flawless and more natural look. This adhesive is waterproof and water resistant, and goes on clear making it perfect for long wear cosplays. 

10. Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex

Cosplayers can do just so much with liquid latex. It is moldable and can be used to create different textures and effects. Liquid latex is especially important if the cosplayers want to change their entire look by adding scars, skin textures, and so many more.

Get this liquid latex as a gift for cosplayers who love to do special effect makeup, and they will thank you for life. 

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11. Soft Lenses

Soft Lenses

Different colors of soft lenses will change the entire look. Some characters do have odd eye colors such as blue, green, red, or even full white like this one. A great soft lense will make a good cosplay even better.

With that being said, colorful soft lenses can also be a great gift for cosplayers. Since they do cosplay a lot, they will more likely need more lenses. You only need to make sure that the lenses are safe and will nor irritate their eyes. 

12. False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes

False eyelashes can make a regular look more dramatic. Most of the time, cosplayers need to wear faux eyelashes. Sometimes, they even need to stack layers of eyelashes to achieve the dramatic look they want to get.

If you are looking for a gift for cosplayers, you can get them a pack of false lashes. Either the regular black ones or colorful ones will work wonderfully on them. 

13. Spirit Gum

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Spirit gum is a form of adhesive cosplayers use to attach bald caps, prosthetics, fake facial hair, and more. Spirit gum is very popular among cosplayers and SFX makeup artists since it offers better performance that helps props to stick better to the skin.

Get a cosplayer a bottle of high-quality spirit gum and it will make them very happy to be able to create better looks that last longer.

14. Spirit Gum Remover

Spirit Gum Remover

Not only do cosplayers need to put on some SFX props properly, they also need to remove them properly to avoid unwanted side effects such as irritation.

Strong adhesive such as spirit gum needs to be removed correctly with proper spirit gum remover. So if you’re thinking of getting a spirit gum as a gift for cosplayers, you may also need to get the remover to go along with it. 

15. Fake Blood

Fake Blood

Cosplaying characters such as zombies and creepy nurses, needs some kind of special effect work.

Fake blood is commonly used in cosplay and SFX makeup. It helps create realistic wounded skin looks that help the cosplay to look even more realistic and believable. A bottle of fake blood can be a great gift for cosplayers especially those who love to create creepy and bloody characters. 

16. Craft Foam

Craft Foam

Not only for crafts and decoration purposes, foam also can be very useful for cosplayers. They often need to make their own properties from armor, weapons, and headpieces.

A light-weight but dense foam like this one can help them create good quality props. It is lightweight and easy to cut and bend making it a great gift for cosplayers who actively make their own cosplay props. 

17. Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

Talking about cosplay, we cannot skip the costume-making part. Even though nowadays people can easily find costumes online, some people prefer to create their own costumes from scratch.

Even the store-bought costumes often need some adjustment to fit the body perfectly. Hence, a sewing kit is a useful gift for cosplayers to help them create their own costumes or adjust their costumes to fit better.

18. SFX Makeup Kit

SFX Makeup Kit

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for cosplayers but don’t know where to start, a SFX makeup kit will be a great option. It usually contains a lot of cosplayers’ starter kit basics such as body paints, alcohol to activate the paint, as well as other tools to help create cosplay makeup easily.

This SFX makeup kit is perfect as a gift for cosplayers whether they are professional cosplayers with years of experience, or just a newbie trying to get their hands on cosplay for the first time. 

19. Glue Gun

Glue Gun

Costume making requires different techniques including attach and detach.

A glue gun can come in handy whenever a cosplayer needs to get to stick some materials when making a costume or additional properties. A glue gun will always be an appropriate gift for cosplayers that they can use for so many purposes. 

20. Makeup Airbrush Kit

Makeup Airbrush Kit

Sometimes, makeup alone is not enough. Some characters require a very distinct makeup look that make a makeup airbrush kit a handy tool.

Of course, it takes a different skill level to use the airbrush kit so you may need to know if the cosplayers you want to buy a gift are actually able to use an airbrush kit. But this kit is relatively easy to use so a beginner should be able to use it to practice as well. 

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21. Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover

After a long day of cosplay, there’s nothing better than being able to finally take the makeup off. A great cleansing milk or balm will remove the makeup gently but effectively, leaving the skin clean and healthy.

Since cosplayers do a lot of heavy makeup, they will always need a good-quality makeup remover making it a great gift option for cosplayers. 

22. Moldable Cosplay Foam Clay

Moldable Cosplay Foam Clay

If foam can help cosplayers create different types of properties, a moldable foam clay can do so much more than that. Its moldable nature allows them to create more creative properties they can think of. The possibilities are practically limitless. They can make their own fake body parts and accessories easily with this cosplay foam clay. 

23. Wig Hanger

Wig Hanger

Since cosplayers often have a huge wig collection, they need to find a way to store them properly to protect their quality.

A set of wig hangers will be very helpful for them. It allows them to store their wig properly and safely, keeping the wigs in their best forms and they can access them quickly and easily whenever they need. 

24. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint

Not only the face and the body, some costumes and properties also need some paint jobs.

A pack of acrylic paint can be very useful for them to create their costumes, accessories, or create a background when they need to take cosplay pictures or videos. This acrylic paint set contains different colors of paints they can mix to create the desired color. 

25. Hobby Knife Set

Hobby Knife Set

Making properties out of foams or clay also requires a great quality knife set to ensure a neat finish. This knife set will help cosplayers to do their daily costume making with easy and clean cuts

It contains sharp knives in different sizes that are easy to use. These knives are usually very sharp so you and your cosplayer bestie need to be careful when using them. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you get someone who loves cosplay?

You can get someone who loves cosplay something that is actually useful such as SFX makeup kit and basic cosplay supplies. Also, you can get them books about cosplay to inspire them and improve their skills. You can also help them to expand their collection by getting them a nice cosplay wig.

What does every cosplayer need?

Every cosplayer needs great quality cosplay supplies such as spirit gum, scar wax, body paint, fake blood, as well as makeup remover. They also need high-quality tools such as great knives and foam to create their own costumes and properties. Don’t forget about the makeup since cosplay relies heavily on makeup looks.

What do cosplayers want for Christmas?

All cosplayers want for Christmas is another set of great quality body paint and craft supplies for the next year. Getting them a sewing kit for Christmas will also make them very happy since it can help them with their costume-making activities. A makeup air brush can also be a great idea as a gift for cosplayers on Christmas.

Do I have to wear makeup to cosplay?

You don’t have to wear makeup to cosplay as if it’s mandatory. However, some looks require some makeup techniques so you may need to wear makeup for certain looks. Makeup also helps you to achieve the look you desire and give the cosplay a more realistic and believable quality, making makeup a nice to do when you do cosplays. 

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