23 Best Gifts for Pirate Lovers

Ahoy matey! Are you planning to throw a nautical-themed party or simply looking for gift ideas for sea lovers? Well, our awesome collection of gifts for pirate lovers is most certainly the treasure chest that you are looking for!

Whether you have kids or adults in mind, we have got you covered with plenty of sea-worthy gifts for pirate fans of all ages. So prepare your doubloons and collect some of the finest booties a buccaneer could ever ask for. Arrr!

Coolest Gifts For Pirate Lovers

#1 Personalized Pirate Skull Mug 

Personalized Pirate Skull Mug

Every sea lover celebrates the end of a long day with a mug of grog. Well, even if grog is not your recipient’s favorite beverage, this mug will find a spot on his heart.

Made out of wood, it is reminiscent of a barrel and makes a unique beer mug. In keeping with the theme, it has a hat and skull on the side. And the personalization aspect takes it to a whole new level.

#2 Pirate’s Treasure Charm Cuff Bracelet 

Pirate's Treasure Charm Cuff Bracelet

Here is a gift idea that would drive Jack Sparrow green with envy. With one of these charm bracelets, you have a conversation starter and a collection of treasure all in one.

The black wooden beads and the bronze charms turn it into a work of art. So does the delicately woven threading that runs the full length. What a perfect gift choice for your favorite steampunk loving sea rover.

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#3 Pi rate Funny Pirate T-Shirt 

Pi rate Funny Pirate T-Shirt

An opportunity to showcase their passion would make one of the best gift ideas for pirate lovers. And this hilarious t-shirt offers that and plenty more. If the person you have in mind also happens to be geeky, it is in fact the perfect choice.

It uses the mathematical pi to introduce an aspect of humor and uniqueness to an otherwise simple concept.

#4 Pirates of The Caribbean Pendant 

Pirates of The Caribbean Pendant
Pirates of The Caribbean Pendant

No treasure chest would be complete without Aztec coins. What better way for your buddy to display their bounty than with one of these pendants?

As one of the best Captain Jack Sparrows gifts, it would make a great addition to a sea lover’s collection. To make it even better, your recipient can wear it close to their heart and take it everywhere they go.

#5 Octopus Garden Sculptures 

Octopus Garden Sculptures

What sea lover would not like to have a Kraken running loose in their garden? How about bringing to life this fantasy with a giant garden sculpture? Featuring giant tentacles, a bulbous head and great detailing, this is as close to the real thing as it gets.

Picture the reactions of trespassers when they come against this denizen of the deep! What a way to add a dramatic effect to their outdoor décor!

#6 Jack Sparrow Inspired Compass 

Jack Sparrow Inspired Compass

Pay tribute to one of the greatest nautical heroes of all time with one of these Pirates of the Caribbean gifts. Not only will it make a great addition to an ocean-themed collection.

But it might also be the missing piece to complete the captain’s look at a cosplay event. It comes attached to a suede necklace, meaning it can be part of any outfit.

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#8 Flume Candle 

Flume Candle

Create an authentic buccaneering experience for that special someone with a candle that smells of ocean breeze and sea salt. Not only does it smell like the real thing, but it also creates a damp atmosphere and plenty of theatrical fog.

Whether your friend is hosting a themed party or simply wants to recreate the seafaring experience, this is your best bet.

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#9 Personalized Brass Engraved Paperweight Sundial Compass 

No products found.

What’s a buccaneer without his compass? But not just any compass will do! How about getting him a compass that he can take to the office? What makes this particular compass such a great gift is its personalization aspect.

It comes in a wooden presentation box that you can adorn with any message to add sentimental value to the item. Make it short and sweet.

#10 Antique Style Pirate Treasure Chest Decorative Box 

Antique Style Pirate Treasure Chest Decorative Box

Whether your recipient is young, or simply young at heart, a treasure chest is one of the best pirate gift ideas. The antique trunk could be a great piece to enhance their nautical décor. It could also be home to themed collectibles.

To ensure that no one makes off with your loot, it has a lockable latch. Thanks to its rustic design, you can count on the fact that it will hold timeless appeal.

#11 Leather Pirate Ship Wallet 

Leather Pirate Ship Wallet

To rule the seven seas, one needs their own ship right? Well, this might not be a ship, but it sure is an excellent way to keep the dream alive. A wallet with an elegantly engraved ship will surely warm the heart of any buccaneer.

Choose from a wide range of colors and designs to meet his precise preferences. Made out of full-grain leather, it can weather any storm that life throws its way.

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#12 Skull Collar Pin with Chaon Lapel Pins 

Skull Collar Pin with Chaon Lapel Pins - gifts for pirate lovers

For the stylish sea lover in your life, one of these gifts for pirate lovers would be ideal. Especially if he is difficult to shop for, and seems to already have everything, it makes perfect sense.

You can bet on the fact that he does not have a skull and crossbones’ collar pin. Besides being an elegant addition to his look, it makes a great conversation piece. He is likely to make new friends with fellow sea lovers courtesy of this pin.

#13 Personalized Engraved Skull & Crossbones Pocket Watch 

Skull and Crossbones Mechanical Pocket Watch

A pocket watch exudes an air of distinction and elegance and is one jewelry item that never goes out of style. And that is why it makes one of the best gift ideas for pirate lovers.

In keeping with the theme, this piece features a skull and crossbones engraving. What a cool gift choice for a man of class.

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#14 Personalised Whiskey Barrels Gifts For Pirate Lovers

Personalised Whiskey Barrels gifts for pirate lovers

An ocean voyage cannot be complete without adequate supplies of perfectly aged whiskey. That’s what makes a miniature whiskey barrel one of the best gifts for pirate lovers. These barrels come in two different sizes, 2.5lbs and 5lbs.

With one of these, your recipient can age their own whiskey to the desired flavor. You can customize it with a distillery name and an established date. And it will create lots of visual interest in any space.

#15 I’m Actually A Pirate Skull and Cross Bones Shirt 

Im Actually A Pirate Skull and Cross Bones Shirt - gifts for pirate lovers

Does someone in your life need to come out of the buccaneering closet? You cannot go wrong with a t-shirt that just says it straight! It comes complete with a skull and crossbones to highlight the theme. All he needs to jazz up the look is a three-cornered hat, a hook and an eye patch.

#16 Ahoy Hoy! Welcome Mat 

Anchor Doormat, Ahoy Welcome Mat, Nautical Door Mat

Spread good cheer with one of the funniest pirate gift ideas yet. Both the person you gift it to and every guest that steps on it will get a reason to smile. No matter what kind of day they are having, this humorous quote will turn their frown upside down.

The best part about it is that it’s not all about laughter. Thanks to its functional appeal, this is one gift choice that will add tons of value.

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#17 The Goonies Pirate Ship Tee 

The Goonies Pirate Ship Premium T-Shirt

Pirates of the Caribbean items are not the only themed gifts you can give a sea-loving friend. For lovers of The Goonies, here is the ultimate gift to drive them crazy with glee. With this tee, they have what it takes to take on the seven seas.

What a way to place a permanent smile on that special someone’s face. And it’s great that this gift choice is suitable for adults as well as younger sea rovers.

#18 Davey Jones Locker Cutting Board 

Davey Jones Locker Cutting Board -gifts for pirate lovers

Release the Kraken with the ultimate collectible when it comes to Pirates of the Caribbean gifts. In its simplicity, this chopping board captures both the ship and the captain’s tentacles in exceptional detail.

Its balance between function and the visual appeal is matchless and it would make a great addition to an ocean-themed décor.

#19 Stainless Steel Skull And Crossbones Ring 

Stainless Steel Skull And Crossbones Ring - gifts for pirate lovers

With one of these gifts for pirate lovers, your recipient will make an excellent statement piece. After all, it gives him the opportunity to take his love for buccaneering everywhere he goes. The attention to detail on this ring is amazing.

It breathes life into the skull and crossbones (not in a haunted way). Whether he wears it to complete a nautical look or with any other ensemble, it will be sure to draw lots of attention.

#20 6″ Nautical Handheld Pirate Brass Telescope with Anchor on Wooden Box


A telescope or a spyglass is a must have for pirate lovers. Whether the real one or a toy for having fun at the party. This one is pretty cool since there is a wooden box that comes along. Also, each item is handcrafted, therefore there is a slight difference for each item. It suits for the gift on birthdays or anniversaries. Get this one for your favorite pirates lover and help them catch the booty.

#21 Pirates Treasure Coins

No products found.

Give these treasure coins to your friend who is a pirate lover by yelling “Aye! There is booty in here!”. We guarantee your friend will surprise and cannot hide the smile on seeing these pirate treasure coins as a gift from you. There are 72 ancient looking pirate coins in 1 set. Each chip contains a traditional and classic pirate symbol or design. The material is durable, safe for playing since it is non-toxic. Get all the pirate stuff and get ready for the cosplay party!

#22 Island Map Tapestry

Island Map Tapestry

Complete a pirate theme look in the room with this island map tapestry. It is easy to hang on the wall. The material is lightweight, so no worries because it will not fall off from the wall. It is made from polyester, hence it is soft and smooth to touch. What are you waiting for, matey? Grab this gift idea for your favorite pirates.

#23 Skull Headwear

Skull Headwear

A new look for the pirate lovers with this skull headwear. It fits for daily wear and protects the hair from the sun. The material is made from polyester microfibre, so it dries quickly after you wash it. Perfect fits for outdoor exercise, work in the cafe with pirates theme, or casual outfit.

You can bet on the fact that these creative and unique gifts for pirate lovers will have your friend saying ‘Arrr!’ in delight! Whether they add them to their collectibles, use them as props in a themed party or to complete a sea rover’s look, these are sure to be a hit. And if for some reason they don’t fancy the gifts, remind them that dead men tell no tales!

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