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Handheld Automatic Spinning Dishwasher

Washing dishes by hand has never been more effective than when you use this Handheld Automatic Spinning Dishwasher.

It spins any plate or bowl automatically while also giving it the scrub of its life.

Life without a dishwasher is tough. We’ve all been there, waiting too long to wash the dishes until a small ecosystem starts growing in your kitchen. Ah, sweet sweet college years.

Well, this awesome kitchen gadget puts a whole new spin on washing dishes. Its claw-like design snaps onto any plate or bowl. 

Handheld Automatic Spinning Dishwasher

The handle houses the buttons that allow you to choose the direction of the spinning cycle – clockwise or counterclockwise. Simply push whichever you fancy and the plates will be clean in no time.

Handheld Automatic Spinning Dishwasher

This automatic dishwasher delivers 500 spins per minute. Its chargeable battery can last for as long as 40 minutes which gives you roughly 20,000 spins per charge.

No matter how dirty your plates are, they can’t defeat that. As a bonus, this handheld dishwasher can also clean utensils and chopsticks.

No more smelly sponges for you. 

Handheld Automatic Spinning Dishwasher

Handheld Automatic Spinning Dishwasher

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