Expert Tips on How to Decorate the Perfect Christmas Tree – Get Ready for the ‘Gram!

Select a unique tree species and an unconventional color scheme, then personalize it with natural decorations, creative ornaments, and sparkling accents, topped with a distinctive topper.

Have you ever gazed at a Christmas tree so stunning you swore it winked at you? I’ve been that gawker, mesmerized by twinkling department store trees, and I’m here to spill the evergreen beans.

Decorating the perfect Christmas tree isn’t just an art—it’s a festive adventure, and I’m your sherpa. I’ll show you how to pick a tree that doesn’t just stand but struts its stuff.

We’ll string lights with the precision of a cat burglar and hang ornaments like they’re jewels for a royal gala. The crowning glory? A topper that doesn’t just sit but reigns supreme over this kingdom of spruce.

Let’s deck those halls with boughs of holly and a tree that’s nothing short of holly-jolly perfection.

How to Choose and Decorate Perfect Christmas Tree?

Unleash the holiday magic as you choose and decorate the perfect Christmas tree, transforming your home into a winter wonderland. With the scent of pine dancing in the air, let your creativity sparkle brighter than the star atop your tree.

Discover the joy of selecting the ideal evergreen and adorning it with twinkling lights, cherished ornaments, and festive cheer.

Don’t wait for Santa to bring the joy; start your yuletide journey now and make this season’s tree the heart of your holiday celebration.

1. Choose a Unique Tree Species

How to Choose and Decorate Perfect Christmas Tree
Wood Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pine or Fir are probably two of the most favorite choices of Christmas trees. But if you are looking for a different look this year, then you can consider a less common tree like a Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, or even a Cypress.

In our opinion, Norway Spruce is a great tree to choose. Known as the ‘father of Christmas trees’ this tree has short and sharp needles that will rapidly drop if you forget to top up the water at the base.

But as long as you keep it hydrated, you will have a quintessential conical spruce with long lasting resinous Rome. Plus, the Norway spruce also has a wonderful shape with an abundance of branches that are perfect for smaller and delicate ornaments.

Our most favorite types of ornaments include mini items that are sweet and whimsical, such as mini bells or snowflake ornament sets.

You can also add sweet Christmas tree ornaments that are made of wood or ceramic to make your Christmas tree the focal point of the room.

2. Go for An Untraditional Color Scheme

How to Choose and Decorate Perfect Christmas Tree
Ruffle Ribbon Ice White Christmas Tree

This year, instead of using the usual Christmas color theme for your tree like red and green, why not try a different color palette to create a unique look? Choosing a color scheme for your Christmas tree is the next important step to take after you decide what kind of tree to use this year.

There are new trends of color schemes for Christmas trees for you to check out.

From neutrals and deeply saturated colors to bold hues and pastels, I believe that the selections of colors will give you major inspirations to create your own Christmas tree.

Below I have gathered three of the most recommended color schemes for you to consider:

Silver and White

White Christmas décor will never go out of style. Ensure you have a Christmas tree that matches the whole Christmas decoration by creating a silver and white Christmas tree, with a touch of blue.

You can start by covering the tree with white ornaments, ribbons, lights, beads and garlands. Then, add some silver ornaments in the form of silver taper candle ornament holders and add a touch of blue by adding blue Christmas baubles. 

Gold and Black

You can go out of the box this year and create a Christmas tree that looks different than your previous ones. Gold and black is a color scheme that I think will be perfect for your Christmas tree.

The combination of gold and black offers a luxurious feeling and elegant look, creating a Christmas tree like no other.

Cover your tree in various gold ornaments such as shiny ball ornaments to sparkly snowflakes. Then, add gold beaded garland and place a gold tree topper to finish it off. 

Rainbow of Colors 

If you find it hard to decide what color scheme to choose, perhaps it’s a sign for you to use a rainbow of colors to decorate your tree.

Adding a lot of colors to the decoration of your Christmas tree will create an electric design and make it look more attractive and colorful. Simply cover your tree with ornaments and lights in various colors of the rainbow, and you have a full color Christmas tree to adore.

3. Use Natural Decorations

How to Choose and Decorate Perfect Christmas Tree
Pine Cones with Loop

If you love rustic designs, then I suggest that you go for a rustic look this year by decorating your Christmas tree with natural ornaments such as pine cones, berries, twigs, and other natural elements.

When it comes to rustic decorations, I believe that there is no better pair than painted pine cones and dried orange slices.

I also recommend that you hang some galvanized tin ornaments, because it will go perfectly well with the pine cones and dried orange slices.

As for the color scheme, brown and green is probably a color combo that will create a wonderful rustic look. It will create a country Christmas vibe especially if you add some fresh greeneries to the décor. 

4. Think Outside the Box for Ornaments

How to Choose and Decorate Perfect Christmas Tree
Christmas Ornament Christmas Tree with Photos

Just like gifts, a touch of personalization will also make your Christmas tree look more special and full of meaning for everyone in the family.

So, instead of buying ornaments that you can easily find in stores, you can expand beyond the usual ornaments and explore handcrafted treasures.

Items like family heirlooms, handmade ornaments, or even other personalized items like photographs add a personal touch and tell your family story. So, don’t be surprised if your guests are looking forward to hearing the stories behind the ornaments from you during their visit.

In addition, you can also create personalized tree ornaments together with your family. It will be a fun DIY project that strengthens your family bond before Christmas. 

5. Add Some Sparkle

How to Choose and Decorate Perfect Christmas Tree
Glitter Christmas Ball Ornament Set

If you are searching here and there to find out how to choose and decorate the perfect Christmas tree, then I recommend you to add some sparkles to the tree! I truly believe that adding some glitter ornaments will make your Christmas tree look dazzling and magical, there’s no doubt about it. 

Now since magic can happen at Christmas, then I think it would be a wonderful idea to add some glitters to your Christmas tree decoration. Fairy lights and glitter ornaments like gold glitter Christmas ornaments are mandatory.

In addition, you can also add some iridescent ice sparkle ruffle tree ribbon to make the tree look more magical.

Adding some sparkle to your Christmas tree will make your tree the focal point in the room, making it a perfect background for family photos, too!

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6. Don’t Forget the Topper

How to Choose and Decorate Perfect Christmas Tree
Snowflake Tree Topper

The next step on how to choose and decorate the perfect Christmas tree is to add the tree topper to finish it off. I need to remind you that you just can’t forget about the topper! But instead of having the usual topper, why not try to pick a more unique choice to make your tree look dazzling? 

Aside from being one last important ornament to add to your Christmas tree, a unique topper can really set your tree apart. Since a topper is the crowning accent of your tree display, the Christmas tree topper needs to match the overall decorating theme.

You can try a star, an angel, or even a personalized ornament as your topper. In our opinion, you can also go for minimalist star tree toppers as they will go well with contemporary themes. While starburst and snowflake toppers are perfect for mutter hues. 

7. Theme Your Tree

How to Choose and Decorate Perfect Christmas Tree
Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

One of the best ways on how to choose and decorate the perfect Christmas tree is by decorating it based on your favorite theme. It can be a holiday theme, seasonal theme, or any theme you like. In fact, you can try to think out-of-the-box this time around and make your Christmas tree a work of art to enjoy. 

You can have a snowman-themed tree, a gingerbread house-themed tree, or if you are Potterhead, you can have a Harry Potter-themed tree, too!

You can DIY the tree ornaments or you can also search for them online. Today it’s not that hard to find unique items like unique Christmas tree ornaments online. There are many online stores who sell Harry Potter Christmas ornaments.

8. Let Your Personality Shine

How to Choose and Decorate Perfect Christmas Tree
Christmas Music Note Ornament

One of the most wonderful things about a Christmas tree is that you can hang any decorations you like, including items that represent your personality. So, I encourage you to add a touch of personalization into the tree by adding ornaments that show your personality.

Don’t be afraid to let your unique personality show through in your tree decorations. You can show your love for animals, music, travel, sport, or other things through the decoration of your Christmas tree.

For instance, if you love to travel, decorate your tree with ornaments from your travels. If you are a music lover, incorporate instruments or musical notes into your tree decorations. And if you love sports, add some sports-related ornaments to your Christmas tree decoration.

9. Make It a Family Affair

Christmas Ornament DIY Craft Kit
Christmas Ornament DIY Craft Kit

Decorating a Christmas tree is a fun and exciting activity to do together with your family. Based on our experience, decorating a Christmas tree can be a great activity to strengthen the bond between every single member of the family. You can get everyone involved in decorating the tree. This is a great way to create lasting memories and traditions, which can be continued by the next generations of the family. 

If you want to make it more fun, especially for the kids, you can also have a DIY activity to make custom or personalized Christmas tree DIY ornaments. You can explore your creativity and do something together with a common goal, which is to create a special Christmas tree.

In addition, you can also create a special ornament that describes your family members. It will become wonderful pieces of ornaments to make your Christmas tree even more special.

10. Make It a Sensory Experience

Christmas Tree Scented Ornaments
Christmas Tree Scented Ornaments

While I know that a Christmas tree is a pleasure to the eyes with all the decorations and hanging ornaments, it will be even more special if you pay attention to the other senses, too! Don’t just focus on what you see, but try to engage other senses as well. 

After you finish with all the decorations and ornaments, you can do something extra to spoil your senses by adding scented ornaments like cinnamon sticks or pine cones.

You can also add some music by hanging jingle bells for a festive sound. Other ideas, you can also place cinnamon rolls or gingerbread cookies near the tree for a delightful aroma. Or, place some scented candles nearby and light them to add a touch of warmth at night. 

11. Enjoy The Process!

Christmas Tree Scented Ornaments.
Christmas Tree Scented Ornaments.

The last tip on how to choose and decorate the perfect Christmas tree is to have fun with the process! I believe that it’s not hard to do since Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year that everyone has been waiting for. Moreover, decorating a Christmas tree is truly one of the most exciting activities to do before Christmas, among gift shopping and planning a Christmas party, of course.

Decorating your Christmas tree should be a fun and festive experience. Our advice, don’t stress about making it perfect, just enjoy the process and create something that you and your family will love.

Searching for unique ornaments including choosing some unique items like money holder cash clip tree ornaments can be a fun activity to do, as well. There are so many options of personalized ornaments to consider, which will make a more meaningful Christmas tree in your living room this year.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best ways to choose and decorate the perfect Christmas tree this year, don’t just stick to the traditional ways of decorating your tree, but try to go out-of-the-box by exploring your creativity, try new things or add unique ornaments to make a perfect Christmas tree this year.

Aside from focusing on the goal of creating a perfect tree, make sure you use the moment of decorating as a perfect time to create a stronger family bond.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What factors should I consider when choosing the right size and shape of a Christmas tree for my space?

You need to consider the ideal width of your christmas tree, consider the size of the room it will be placed in. If you have a small space, then choose a slim tree to save space. Meanwhile for larger rooms, you can choose a more expansive tree to create a grander effect. Then, make sure that you always visualize the tree in the room before making a purchase. 

What are some tips for arranging ornaments on my Christmas tree to achieve a balanced look?

The best tip on how to arrange ornaments is to start with the biggest ornaments first and hang them closer to the trunk for support and depth. Then add the smaller Christmas balls on the outer branches, making sure they’re evenly spaced out to create balance and visual interest. 

How can I make my Christmas tree more pet-friendly and child-safe while still keeping it stylish and festive?

You can keep your ornaments simple because sparkly ornaments that dangle from your tree can quickly catch unwanted attention from your kids or pets. Making your tree sturdy and secure is another way to avoid any unwanted incident. And lastly, avoid using food as decorations as food will attract pets’ attention.

What are some creative ways to choose a color scheme or theme for my Christmas tree decorations?

Focus on a color scheme that will look good inside your space. You can focus on a color scheme that is bold and bright like gold, royal blue, or yellow and choose a combination that looks festive and dazzling. Don’t be limited by the traditional Chriostmas colors. 

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