25 Psychology Gifts for Psychology Enthusiast

Psychology allows us to have you a deeper understanding about human behavior. Through psychology, we can also discover lots of interesting facts about human that we have never heard before. The interaction between humans, the environment, and many other factors consistently gives us new discoveries and knowledge, and that’s why more and more people are interested to learn more about this particular subject. Since they love Psychology so much, we can be certain that they will love to receive Psychology gifts from you.

Psychology enthusiasts will definitely love to have things that are related to their favorite subject. If you know someone who loves Psychology so much, you might want to give that person a special psychology gift to them. Let’s start your search for the best gift for a special psychology enthusiast in your life! To start with the search, it would be best for your to check out the following list of 25 most recommended psychology gifts that we have curated for you.

1. The Box of Emotion

The Box of Emotion

Humans are full of emotions. Some people can easily express their emotions, while some might choose to keep their emotions inside. However, many people can find it difficult to express their emotions to others, too. Emotions are limitless, and a psychology enthusiast would love to learn about it. For that reason, you might want to give this Box of Emotions as a gift for someone who loves psychology. It consists of eighty emotion cards with specific information on each card.

2. A Year of Gratitude Thank You Card

A Year of Gratitude

A friend who can’t express the feeling of thankfulness and appreciation deserves this thank you card set as a gift. This gift includes blank thank you cards, and your friend is free to write anything on then, including a list of things to be thankful for everyday This box set will be a tremendous psychological gift for a special person who deserves it.

3. Positively Punny Pins

Positively Punny Pins

These cute pins would be a great set of psychology gifts for those who need positive encouragements in a funny way. The positive pun messages on the small enamel pins will get anyone recharged with a new energy after a long and tiring day. Without a doubt, these cute pins can add a sweet yet positive touch to a tote bag or a make up pouch.

4. PSYD with Flower Print

PSYD with Flower Print

Graduation is probably the most awaited moment for almost all college students, including those who study Psychology. This vintage-style Doctor of Psychology illustration will be an excellent graduation gift for your favorite psychology students. This poster comes in two options and you can choose between poster print with elegant matte paper, or poly-cotton blend canvas print.

5. Medical Jewelry as a Great Psychologist Gift

Psychologist Gift Medical Jewelry

This gorgeous necklace is a nice gesture to reward your hardworking psychologist. As a sweet psychology gift, this adorable item comes in silver and gold, which you can choose based on your preference. Moreover, this necklace also features a delicate curve of the pendant that will definitely look lovely on your special someone’s neck.

6. Serotonin Sweatshirt

Serotonin Sweatshirt

If your friend is sad about something unexpected, you can entertain them with this serotonin sweatshirt. By giving them a present, you can raise their serotonin level and make them happier than before. It will be an affectionate psychology gift for them. The soft cotton sweatshirt can also be a birthday gift for any psychological enthusiast.

7. Happiness Flashcards

Happiness Flashcards

Just like its name, this set of happiness flashcards was designed to bring happiness into someone’s life. This item can be a beautiful psychology gift for a friend who are seeking for a true meaning of happiness through psychology. This set of gift features 30 cards consisting options to have a happier life in 30 days. But don’t worry, everyone can do in at the pwn pace. After all, one of the keys to happiness is being able to our life to the fullest, right?

8. Psychologist Mug

Psychologist Mug

This item will be a fun psychology gift for a friend who often share stories about their life with you. It can be a story about love, sadness, secrets, and also happiness. So if you’re giving this mug as a gift this kind of friend, it’s truly a great idea. The premium black ceramic mug has a high-quality print of funny wording on both sides. The mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe, so it will be convenient for daily use.

9. Serotonin and Dopamine Earrings

Serotonin and Dopamine Earrings

Serotonin and dopamine are two hormones that your favorite psychology enthusiast is familiar with. Therefore, these mismatched Serotonin and Dopamine Earrings will be a delightful psychological gift for them. The handmade earrings use Tibetan silver for the charm and silver plated or sterling silver hooks. It can be the all-occasion accessories to wear daily.

10. Too Many Tabs Enamel Pin

Too Many Tabs Enamel Pin

Busy people sometimes have the busiest mind, and your favorite psychologist could be one of those people. You can give this Too Many Tabs enamel pin for them. The 30mm gold enamel pin can be a sign of your attention and care for them. Moreover, it can also remind them to take some rest after a long and busy day.

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11. Field of Psychology Scarf

Field of Psychology Scarf

A special Psychology student in your life would love to have this Field of Psychology Scarf as a gift. Aside from being useful to keep them warm and look stylish, this scarf is featuring adorable graphics of psychological symbols like psychoanalysis, behavioral aspect, cognitive ability and much more. In addition, Make sure you hand wash it to make it more durable and long lasting.

12. Psychologist Adult Coloring Book

Psychologist Adult Coloring Book

Every adult needs a break from their routine once in a while, and when we say everyone, it also includes your sweet girlfriend. Let her enjoy enjoy her break with this adult coloring book. She will spend her leisure time in peace by coloring various floral designs that include relatable and funny quotes related to psychology. All pages are single-sided coloring pages, so your lovely psychologist can use anything to color without bleeding through to the next page.

13. Pavlov’s Dog Mouse Pad

Pavlov’s Dog Mouse Pad

All psychology students know this iconic Pavlov dog. A mouse pad with a Pavlov dog design will be a great gift idea for psychology students. It uses heavy-duty recycled rubber with a matte finish that will not fade or peel. In short, this mouse pad is a useful item that can last long for a student who deals a pile of assignments and reports.

14. Laminated Poster Love Psychology

Laminated Poster Love Psychology

As a psychologist who studies human’s brain, bringing this brain poster as a psychology gift would be an amazing idea. The poster can be a nice addition of their home decoration, making any room look more colorful. It’s made of high-quality print with a fully laminated finish. Moreover, it also has a pretty large size to perfectly fit an empty wall.

15. Sigmund Freud Bust Succulent Planter

Sigmund Freud Bust Succulent Planter

This succulent ceramic planter will add a nice touch to a psychologist’s desk. You can also use this succulent planter as a psychology gift for your favorite psychology enthusiast. It can hold a mini pot plant inside like a small cactus pot. You can also put pebbles and soil, sprinkle some seeds, or add the small plant to make it beautiful before bringing it as a gift.

16. 3D Human Brain Anatomical Model

3D Human Brain Anatomical Model

The anatomical model of the human brain can help psychology enthusiasts to learn about the brain easier. The crystal glass is laser etched with the brain and its part’s name. It doesn’t come with the LED base, but it will still be a wonderful psychology gift. It can be used as a paperweight or desk decoration, so it’s also an excellent gift for a psychologist.

17. Freudian Slips Sticky Notes Booklet

Freudian Slips Sticky Notes Booklet

Students and office workers need sticky notes to jot down important things. That’s why you can give them this extraordinary gift of a Freudian sticky notes booklet. It has the perfect pocket size, making it a perfect item to carry around. On the inside, you’ll find colorful sticking sheets and small memo papers with a Freud picture on them. It surely confirm their identity as psychology enthusiasts.

18. Freudian Slippers

Freudian Slippers

If you’re looking for a funny birthday gift for a psychology student, these Freudian Slippers are the absolute answer. It is a comfy plush slipper that will be extra convenient to wear at home, dorm, or even at the office. It’s fun to see Freud opens up his mouth widely. You can also move the patented built-in sock tongue with your toes for fun.

19. Mental Health Reminders Wall Décor

Mental Health Reminders Wall Décor

Any psychology learner will be thrilled to get this mental health reminder wall décor as a gift. It includes nine pieces of wooden plaques, which contain affirmative quotes to brighten up their days. This item will be a good reminder to keep their positive vibes with and positive minds. It is also big enough to catch anyone’s attention and encourage them to be positive, too!

20. Brain 3D Night Light

Brain 3D Night Light

This Brain 3D Night Light will be an excellent gift to become a nightstand decoration item. It’s an acrylic flat with seven color displayed. It features a cool power button on the ABS base to control the color changing, simply by touching it. The night lamp uses a USB cable to operate. With this colorful brain light, there will be no desk lamp needed. 

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21. Sigmund Freud’s Oral Fixation Lip Balm

Sigmund Freud’s Oral Fixation Lip Balm

A Lip balm is clearly one of the most important essentials for most women out there. Therefore, we think that this small stick with Sigmund Freud design can be a thoughtful gift for a special woman in your life, who is also a psychology lover. It will be an excellent psychology gift with a cooling and soothing feelings. It’s full of organic ingredients and vitamin E with Eucalyptus mint flavored.

22. Carl Jung Engraved Inspirational Quote Pen

Carl Jung Engraved Inspirational Quote Pen

This pen will be a pleasant and inspirational gift for psychology students or anyone who loves psychology. The pen comes with an engraved Carl Jung’s signature on the top and a quote at the bottom. It’s a heavyweight luxury pen with a twist. To make it more thoughtful, you can also prepare the refill as part of your gift, so the pen can be used for a long time because it’s refillable and truly reusable.

23. Polymer Clay Business Card Holder

Polymer Clay Business Card Holder

This clay business card holder will be a unique item of a psychology gift. The exquisite handmade cardholder imitates the sofa, books, and other items relating to the psychologist’s office. It will catch the attention of others with its beautiful shapes. Moreover, it can also hold other small essentials like a mobile phones, notes, and photos.

24. The Positive Planner

 The Positive Planner

This yellow planner can be a nice psychology gift for a lovely psychologist friend that you love so much. Those who love psychology will put their mind into mental well-being so that this planner will be meaningful gift. It’s a journal for their personal and mental health journey that includes prompts for daily intentions and evening reflections. It also includes a mood tracker, a meal-planning list, etc. The pages are un-dated, which will not pressure anyone who fills the journey to have a finishing deadline.

25. Liar Liar Card Game

Liar Liar Card Game

It’s an entertainment card game that needs wit and intelligence with a psychology approach. This card game will allow your psychology lover friend to analyze every family and friends’ face to detect lies. Without a doubt, it will be a thrilling psychological game to play. Last but not least, it will also be an excellent Christmas gift that can be played together.

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What do you buy a psychologist?

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What are the best funny psychology gifts?

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