25 Awesome Gifts for Asian Parents to Cherish

Asian parents are well-known for being hard to please. So it goes without saying that finding the perfect gifts would be a monumental task. However, even though Asian parents might not express joy explicitly, we believe that they will feel happy inside when they receive a present from you.

So, don’t worry! We have got your back, folks. If you are still stuck and wondering about the right gifts for Asian Parents that are both lovely and functional, take a look at the list we have prepared for you. Check out this list of 25 awesome gifts for Asian parents to assist you in your gift-shopping endeavors!

1. Chinese Ginger Herbal Bath Set

Chinese Ginger Herbal Bath Set

No other perfect gift for Asian parents other than a set of good Chinese Ginger Herbal Baths. Ginger itself is well-known for its benefits in maintaining good blood circulation, preventing colds, and refreshing the whole body.

This Chinese Ginger Bath is hand-picked and carefully selected to produce a high-quality bath set that consists of ginger, lemongrass, wild chrysanthemum, mugwort, jasmine buds, and jojoba oil.

2. Tea Set with Teapot

Tea Set with Teapot

This lovely tea set with the teapot is stunning in so many ways. This set includes six pink marble teacups that you can hang and display on the included teacup rack. The rack itself is exceptionally stunning, with gold color all over it. A wonderful addition to any kitchen and a perfect gift for Asian parents who enjoy a cup of hot tea every day.

3. Ceramic Tea Cup Set

Ceramic Tea Cup Set

A ceramic teacup set is a surefire hit as a gift for Asian parents. Especially when the ceramic set is as lovely as this ceramic teacup set. Each cup is unique and handmade to perfection. This set is also properly packed in a vintage-looking hard box, making it very durable and preventing it from breaking during shipment.

4. Dumpling Bamboo Steamer

Dumpling Bamboo Steamer

Who doesn’t have a soft spot in their heart for dumplings? Dumplings are considered to be a comfort snack in Asian countries because they taste so nice and it is quite common for Asian parents to cook one themselves. Therefore, a piece of the bamboo steamer is a solid yes gift for Asian parents. It is high in quality yet also eco-friendly and versatile. It is used to cook dumplings, bao, and many more.

5. Dumpling Plates

Dumpling Plates

As mentioned before, the dumpling is quite a comfortable staple snack for Asians. It is not a surprise they are regularly munching a plate of dumplings every now and then. Therefore, a set of pretty dumpling plates would make an excellent gift for Asian parents.

This dumpling plate also has a place for the sauce in the middle. Available in two gorgeous colors that you can choose from, that is, white and green. It is surely lovely addition to any Asian household.

6. Gun Muscle Massager

Gun Muscle Massager

It is reasonable that this gun muscle massager would make an excellent gift for Asian parents. It would allow them to loosen up some tense muscles at the end of a hard day at work.

The device comes with a total of 12 heads, any of which may be replaced according to the user’s preference. They also have the ability to change the speed, which allows them to enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of their own home. We may say that this present is one that any Asian parent would love.

7. Foot Massager

Foot Massager

A little massage can have a significant impact. This foot massager is unquestionably an investment due to the fact that it may be used so many times to relieve some pain or fatigue. This foot massager may also aid enhance blood circulation, making it a useful gift for Asian parents who want relaxed feet. Truly a gift for Asian parents that you should not pass up.

8. Reflexology Slipper with Earthstone

Reflexology Slipper with Earthstone

It is estimated that each foot has roughly 7,000 nerves. Therefore, giving your feet a foot massage will inevitably benefit in some positive health effects. This reflexology footwear is built with cobblestones to assist reduce the discomfort that occurs around the foot as well as any tension that may be happening at the moment. It is undeniably a thoughtful gesture to give a reflexology slipper as a gift for Asian parents.

9. Frying Pan and Skillet Set

Frying Pan and Skillet Set

Home cooking is highly valued in Asian culture, particularly among Asian mothers. They most likely prepare meals for the family on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day. This granite frying pan comes in two sizes, 10 and 12 inches, and has a non-stick coating that allows food to slide easily and makes cooking less stressful.

10. Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

It is a game-changer to have a reliable kettle that can produce hot water. Regardless of where you are, you should have no trouble brewing some coffee or tea. Given the frequency with which Asians drink hot tea, getting an electric kettle as a present is unquestionably a smart option. This electric kettle will undoubtedly be put to good use.

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11. Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine as a gift? It’s probably the most deal-maker gift. If your Asian parents enjoy starting their day with a cup of coffee, you can consider giving them this coffee. The fact that we can have the ability to customize the machine’s settings—including both the timing and the mode—makes it possible for us to quickly prepare a cup of coffee.

12. Mahjong


Because of the fact that Asian parents place an emphasis on spending time with their families above all else, giving them a board game as a present may not only be the appropriate gesture, but also the gesture that will be most memorably remembered. Hence, grab this mahjong set that is made of wood and head on over to the table with your parents.

13. Organic Tea Blends

Organic Tea Blends

It’s common knowledge that Asians are huge tea fans. Then why don’t we give their favorite drink as a gift for Asian parents while also surprising them with this one-of-a-kind organic tea blends? This honey-infused tea mix is in no way comparable to their standard tea since the honey adds a delicately sweet flavor to the tea itself.

This set comes with 3 different variants: Herbal Berry Tea is a fruity combination with earthy undertones and a flowery aftertaste. Organic Green Tea has lemon and ginseng for a soothingly hot cup of tea, while Jasmine Rose Tea is a flowery blend with a delicate floral taste.

14. Succulent Flower Plant

Succulent Flower Plant

The succulent Flower Plant represents pure, long-lasting love. A gift to honor the love your Asian parents have shown you throughout your life. Certainly a heartfelt present, as well as a decorative gift, since you may place this plant wherever in the house. This low-maintenance plant comes in a lovely ceramic planter that will liven up any room.

15. Paint by Number Kit

Paint by Number Kit

This paint-by-number kit is an excellent stress reliever as well as the ideal gift for Asian parents. Spending time painting something together might help you and your parents bond. As the old guy says, having a hummingbird piece at home can bring success. So you may hang the artwork you have done with your parents and hope for the best in life ahead.

16. Personalized Family Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs

Get this personalized cute family mug as a gift for your Asian parents as it is heartwarming, adorable, and of course functional at the same time. You may have your cartoon face and name added to it. Isn’t it cool? This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe due to its ceramic material.

17. Traditional Lager Beer

Traditional Lager Beer

Beer is a popular beverage among the working men throughout Asia, particularly in China, and may frequently be seen being enjoyed by them. As a result, buying a bottle of beer as a gift for your Asian parent could be a good idea in order to relieve some of the strain that is caused by workload.

18. Fruit Baskets

Fruit Baskets

It is very typical for Asian people to provide some sort of fruit gift for the host at any occasion or event. Therefore, because we want to make a difference this time, why don’t we give your Asian parents a fruit basket?

This fruit basket is created out of iron and is gold in color, which makes this tray an attractive option as a gift for Asian parents due to its aesthetic beauty. Consisting of 2 tiers, this fruit basket definitely can hold up to some amount of fruits.

19. Foot Bath Spa Massager

Foot Bath Spa Massager

A relaxing soak in a warm foot bath may do wonders to ease the strain that has built up in the foot area. A massage that focuses on the foot is believed to not only relax tired muscles but also enhance circulation and muscular tone.

This foot massager also has a heating feature, so all you need to do to use it is pour water into the device, and it will automatically heat the water to the desired temperature. Foot massager as a gift for Asian parents will certainly bring a smile to their faces.

20. Natural Bamboo Thermos Bottle

Natural Bamboo Thermos Bottle

This thermos bottle has an organic and natural design, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy simplicity. This thermos bottle also is a great gift for Asian parents because it can hold up their tea or coffee at a certain temperature for quite some time. It is so convenient as a go-to tumbler when having a vacation, etc.

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21. Lotus Fish Silk Painting

Lotus Fish Silk Painting

There is a widespread cultural belief that owning a lotus fish would lead to financial success. As a result, a great number of people from Asia have shown interest in having a copy of this Lotus Fish Silk Painting hung up in their homes. So, this painting surely is a great piece as a gift for Asian parents.

22. Personalized Beer Mug

Personalized Beer Mug

Beer is a well-liked beverage throughout Asia, particularly in China. Therefore, a personalized beer mug is a thoughtful present, and the one gift that the recipient would unquestionably enjoy. You have the possibility of including your initials along with two lines of text that will be placed on the mug.

23. Fuzzy Slippers

Fuzzy Slippers

There’s no question that nice, fuzzy slippers are Asian parents’ item of choice, particularly at night when the air tends to be cooler. When lounging around the house, parents will certainly feel cozier if they wear slippers with warm fluff inside. Available in the size 5 to 11, this fuzzy slipper is also made of memory foam insole for more comfort when wearing it. 

24. Ergonomic Pillow

Ergonomic Pillow

This is a nice gift for Asian parents who constantly experience neck pain. If they did not keep their heads in the correct posture while sleeping, parents experienced persistent neck pain as the age got older. It goes without saying that experiencing discomfort in the neck is not at all comfortable.

Therefore, this ergonomics-designed pillow might very well be the answer. Memory foam is used in its design, allowing it to adapt to the shape of the head and neck.

25. Pillow Spray

Pillow Spray

As a thoughtful gesture, you may help your parents get a restful night’s sleep by giving them a pillow spray as a gift. This spray for pillows contains lavender essential oil, which is believed to assist those who have trouble sleeping, and sleep better as a result of the calming aroma of the ingredients in the spray. Purchase some pillow spray as a gift for Asian parents so that they may have a comfortable night’s sleep.

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What should I get my Asian dad?

He might be the one who rarely expresses himself when around his kids and looking emotionless is surely papa’s expertise. So, why don’t we surprise him with thoughtful gifts? You should choose something that he probably likes or a gift that probably reminds you and him of a moment together. For example, get him products such as a bottle of beer or a personalized beer mug!

How can I impress my Asian parents?

Being polite and bringing a gift is a pretty crucial part of the Asian culture. It is always better to have something that we can give or share than not bring anything at all. A basket of fruits or a small gift such as organic tea blends, beer or beer mugs is always ideal to bring to your Asian parents. 

What to bring to meet Asian parents?

As previously stated, Asian parents are quite strict when it comes to gifts. So don’t bring anything that might offend them, such as a clock, which represents death or bad luck, or a handkerchief, which represents goodbye. You should also avoid sharp objects because it is believed to cut a relationship with someone. 

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