25 Gifts for Cattle Farmers Idea That Will Elevate Their Farming Life

Cattle farming is one of the most popular forms of farming that many people do. They generate quite a good amount of money which attracts more people to the business. Despite the profit, cattle farming also requires a lot of effort and work. It demands a full day of physical work and there is other administrative work you need to do as well. You can say that being a cattle farmer comes with extensive labor just like you are raising your own kids. Thus, every cattle farmer would appreciate getting something that could help them make their work more efficient. Each one of them deserves a good gift. 

There are 25 items on this list of gifts for cattle farmers. Some items will help make their work easier and more efficient. While other items focus on the cattle farmers themselves. As they are busy taking care of their cattle, it is also important to take good care of themselves as well. You can choose the item that will best suit them. 

1. Cattle Farm Name Board

Cattle Farm Name Board

First off in this list of gifts for cattle farmers is this Cattle Farm Name Board. It is a great gift for cattle farmers especially if they are new to the business. A sentimental and meaningful gift for them to have a name plate for their cattle farm. 

2. Peeping Cattle Outdoor

Peeping Cattle Outdoor

You can also consider getting them the Peeping Cattle Outdoor. It is an outdoor sign to indicate the location of their farm. They can place it in the front part of their farm in order to let people know the location of their farm.  Their customers won’t miss this cute peeping cow on the side of the road. 

3. Leather Cattle Ear Tag

Leather Cattle Ear Tag

The Leather Cattle Ear Tag will be a simple and useful gift for any cattle farmers. They can use it to name their cattle so they won’t get them mixed up. It is made from leather and comes in a set of 24 or 50 tags. It is a super practical gift to give to cattle farmers. 

4. Cattle Horseshoe Tag Necklace

Cattle Horseshoe Tag Necklace

This is the “cattle tag” for the farmers. The Cattle Horseshoe Tag Necklace will be a great good luck token for cattle farmers as a way to wish them success for their farm. Comes in the iconic cattle tag shape, it is made from sterling silver with a horseshoe design on it. 

5. Farm Nursery Animal Rustic Wall Print

Farm Nursery Animal Rustic Wall Print

The Farm Nursery Animal Rustic Wall Print is a cattle-inspired home decoration piece. It comes in a set of three pictures which will be a great addition to their home. These prints could be placed together as a centerpiece or they could place it in different places around their homes. A great way to have cattle-inspired items on every corner of the house. 

6. Custom Refillable Cattle Journal

Custom Refillable Cattle Journal

Another unique and practical item on this list of gifts for cattle farmers: the Custom Refillable Cattle Journal. They can use this as their cattle journal to note the cattles’ growth and health. Also, they can track down the milk or meat production. A great way to keep track of everything to make sure they are making profit. It is a leather notebook where you can customize its cover with their farm logo or name.  

7. Cow Prints A6 Notepad

Cow Prints A6 Notepad

The Cow Prints A6 Notepad is a cute stationary for cattle farmers. Comes with cow print, they can use this notepad to take simple notes as they do their work. It comes in two colors: black and pink. A simple and cute cattle inspired item that they will love. 

8. Cow Embroidered Cap

Cow Embroidered Cap

A must have item on this list of gifts for cattle farmers: the Cow Embroidered Cap. A simple baseball cap with cute cow embroidery on it. It comes in a huge variety of colors that you can choose from. They can make good use of this cap while they are outdoors doing their work. 

9. Livestock Utensil Caddy 

Livestock Utensil Caddy

The perfect homeware gift option on this list of gifts for cattle farmers: the Livestock Utensil Caddy. The perfect ranch homeware that could be used to keep eating utensils or toothbrushes for the bathroom. You can customize it either with their cattle farm logo or a cow illustration with an ear tag where you can put the logo. 

10. Cattle Tumblr

Cattle Tumblr

The Cattle Tumblr for their morning coffee as they go to work on their cattle farm. It has a cattle themed illustration and a sleek design. They can make good use of this tumblr to keep their drinks cold or hot. Bringing a coffee to work won’t be a problem with this. 

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11. Cow Print Phone Cases

Cow Print Phone Cases

A cute phone accessory for the cattle farmers. The Cow Print Phone Case comes in a cute and pretty blue and pink color. It will help protect their phone in a cute way. A simple and practical gift choice on this list of gifts for cattle farmers you can consider especially if they are women cattle farmers. 

12. All-Purpose Fence Stretcher

All-Purpose Fence Stretcher

Safety is one of the most important things in cattle farming. That is why cattle farmers take building fences seriously. This All-Purpose Fence Stretcher will be a useful tool for the. They can use this to fix their fences and also adjust them to the right size to protect all their cattles. 

13. Leather Work Gloves 

Leather Work Gloves

Cattle farming involves all sorts of handiwork. These Leather Work Gloves will keep their hands safe despite it all. It comes with an adjustable wrist which will help the gloves to fit perfectly with their hands. It is a must have item for every cattle farmer. 

14. Premium Boot Puller

Premium Boot Puller

The Premium Boot Puller is one of the most innovative items on this list of gifts for cattle farmers. It will be the item that they won’t realize they need. Say goodbye to struggling while trying to put off their work boots

15. Leather Work Apron

Leather Work Apron

To keep their clothes clean, this Leather Work Apron is a necessary piece of their outfit. It comes with several pockets to keep their tools in. With this apron on, they can do their work comfortably. This leather apron also could protect them from spark. Its high quality leather allows it to have maximum endurance and long lasting. 

16. Zipperless Cooler 

Zipperless Cooler

The Zipperless Cooler will be useful for them to bring their lunch and snack to the farm. They can pack their snacks and lunches in boxes and put them inside this cooler to keep it fresh for a longer time. It comes with an adjustable strap and is super easy to clean. 

17. Shiatsu Neck And Shoulder Massager

17. Shiatsu Neck And Shoulder Massager

The perfect item on this list of gifts for cattle farmers to help them relax after a long day taking care of the cattles in the field. This Shiatsu Neck And Shoulder Massager is easy to use: you can even use it in your car. A great way to rub all that tiredness away. 

18. Sunscreen


Another must have an item on this list of gifts for cattle farmers to protect their skin from the sun rays when they work outdoors all day. It is best if you can get them a SPF 60 Sunscreen so that they could get longer protection. 

19. Working Hands Hand Cream

Working Hands Hand Cream

The Working Hands Hand Cream is a great product to keep their hands moisturized. As they are working hard outdoors tending their cattle, their hands will get dry and rough. Thus, this hand cream will do the trick. They can work hard while still having nice smooth hands. 

20. Portable Clip On Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Clip On Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for an item on this list of gifts for cattle farmers that will help your farmer friends make work more fun, this item is the one. This Portable Clip On Bluetooth Speaker is easy to carry around. They can just clip it on their backpack or apron and they can hear some music while they work. 

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21. The Farming Game

The Farming Game

The Farming Game is a fun and exciting gift choice you can consider getting. It is a farming themed board game that they can enjoy playing with their family and friends. The perfect gift especially for the holiday season. 

22. Wellness Massage Cube

Wellness Massage Cube

Another great item on this list of gifts for cattle farmers to help them relax after a long day at work. This Wellness Massage Cube contains essential oils that will help soothe their muscle aches. It also comes in a cube shape which makes it easy for you to use. You can just simply rub all your tiredness. 

23. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a staple when working outdoors. They can use these sunglasses when they are outdoors to help protect their eyes. It will help them work more comfortably even when the sun shines so brightly. Also, it will elevate their overall look. Working with style is possible with these sunglasses. 

24. Foot Sole Massage

Foot Sole Massage

This Foot Sole Massage is a great tool to help relax their feet. It is a rock-and-roll massaging tool that they can use at home. They can heat up the ball for an even better relaxation experience. A great way to end a long day at work. 

25. Hidden Crystal Bath Bomb Set

Hidden Crystal Bath Bomb Set

Ending this list of gifts for cattle farmers with this Hidden Crystal Bath Bomb Set. Each bath bombs is made with essential oils and hidden chakra stone inside it. A great way to relax, rejuvenate their energy, and to make sure they have a good sleep at night. Good rest is key to optimal work. 

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