17 English Mastiff Facts That Have Never Been Known Before

For decades, dogs have been known as men’s best friends. Among many breeds of dogs that we love to have as pets, there is one breed that catches our attention, and it’s the English Mastiff. The English Mastiff is a very friendly and dignified type of home dog, and everyone in the family would love to have it as their furry friend. With calm attitude, taking care of an English Mastiff is very easy, which is why it continues to gain popularity among dog lovers. In terms of size, they can grow into a large dogs, too, and the size is also one of the main attractions of this breed. We can assure you that you won’t regret adopting an English Mastiff as your favorite pet.

Since the English Mastiff is everyone’s favorite, we feel the need to share with you the following 17 facts about this breed that you would definitely love to know. Without a doubt, you’ll be smiling and be astonished after you found out about these facts.

Ranked 33 in America’s Most Popular Breeds
America’s Most Popular Breeds

Based on the study conducted by the American Kennel Club in 2020, the English Mastiff is the 33rd most favorite dogs in America. And do you know why? It’s because the English Mastiff is relatively easy to breed. Plus, you can easily find them in many regions in America.

The number of English Mastiffs extends along with the increasing demand from people in the United States to make this friendly dog a pet. There is no single family who will refuse to have an English Mastiff as a lovely furry friend.

2. Available in Three Most Common Types of Colors

Available in Three Most Common Types of Colors
Three Most Common Types of Colors

Color is an essential factor when it comes to choosing the most favorite English Mastiff for adoption. In general, this breed has three common colors. However, fawn English Mastiff is known as the most favorite one.

The first color, which is Fawn, can be defined as a range of pale brown to dark orange-brown. Secondly, there is also Apricot English Mastiff. Since it’s the color of Apricot, the you must know that the color is light yellowish-orange color, which similar to the color of Apricots. Last but not the least, the English Mastiff also has a Brindle color, which comes in the form of black stripes on a red base. This color is the darkest one in compare to the previous two. So, have you decided which one is your favorite? Leave your comment below!

3. Median Age of Death is 8 Years

Median Age of Death is 8 Years
Median Age

A study conducted by a researcher from the University Center Myerscough, United Kingdom, states that the Median Age of Death for the English Mastiff is 8 years. Some of the most influential factors are geographical locations, limited genetic variation, and also health problems.

The ideal time to adopt an English Mastiff is when it is still a puppy, so you can have the best 8 years of your life to take care of this friendly dog.

4. Affectionate with Family

Affectionate with Family
Affectionate with Family

If you’re curious to know what’s the coolest fun fact about the adorable English Mastiff, the answer is Affectionate with Family. As dogs are considered part of the family, then affection is one of the most factors that every owner needs to consider before adopting them. As one of the most adorable dog breeds that are affectionate with family, affection is definitely one of their strongest plus points.

Some dog breeds are only close and familiar with just one owner. Meanwhile, the English Mastiff race can give affection to the whole family. So, if you’re looking for the best pet that will become everyone’s favorite at home, then adopt an English Mastiff would be the perfect idea.

5. The World’s Largest Dog Breeds

The World’s Largest Dog Breeds
The World’s Largest Dog Breeds

The next astonishing fact about the English Mastiff is the world record-breaking. An English Mastiff named Zorba broke the world record as the world’s tallest and heaviest dog in 1989. Zorba weighs 343 pounds or the equivalent of 155 kilograms. 

This dog measures more than 8 feet or 2.4 meters. The gigantic size of Zorba is influenced by genetic and nutritional aspects. Do you want to have a dog of a large size? English Mastiff may be the best option.

6. English Mastiff Can Overheat Easily

English Mastiff Can Overheat Easily
English Mastiff Can Overheat Easily

We know that the English Mastiff is a domestic dog that can easily adapt to any environment. Every dog ​​breed needs adequate physical activity to maintain its health and fitness. You can walk with the dog in the morning or evening to meet those needs.

An adult English Mastiff needs about 30 minutes of physical activity each day. However, due to its large size, the English Mastiff easily overheats. The burden of his body weight is not ideal for jogging for a long time. English Mastiff can feel stressful when given excessive physical activities. So, when you have an English Mastiff, don’t give it too much physical activities or exercises.

7. Often Called a Gentle Giant

Often Called a Gentle Giant
Often Called a Gentle Giant

Although the English Mastiff is a very large, muscular, and strong dog breed, it is also calm and gentle. The English Mastiff can be said to be a silent guard and does not bark very often. This dog will uniquely defend its master’s territory, too!

When intruders come into the house, the English Mastiff will restrain them by trapping them in a corner or lying on top of them. This dog does not attack brutally, but still has an effective ability to hold off intruders.

8. Good with Young Children

English Mastiff Facts
Good with Young Children

A dog that is friendly to children is a pleasure to have. The English Mastiff has a high level of tolerance for children’s behavior. They are ideal as pets for your kids. 

The English Mastiff is fun for children to play and run with. Its large size makes this dog able to protect children from threats. Therefore, the English Mastiff can be a great addition to your family.

9. Loud Snore

english mastiff facts
Loud Snore

Every dog ​​tends to purr when they sleep. However, did you know that the English Mastiff snores loudly? Yes, this dog grunts and purrs loudly when it lacks physical activity. Its large size makes the English Mastiff tend to be lazy so it requires sufficient exercise every day.

Heavy body weight and fat that have accumulated will narrow the airways so that oxygen does not flow properly into the lungs. This makes it easy for the English Mastiff to snore while sleeping.

10. Almost Extinct Due to World War

english mastiff facts
Loud Snore

We’re still lucky to find the English Mastiff today. Do you know why? The English Mastiff was still used as a war dog until the late 16th century. Its large size makes the English Mastiff ideal as a guard for patrolling the military residential areas. However, in the 18th century, the English Mastiff was no longer used for war purposes. Sadly, World War I and World War II resulted in massive food shortages

Luckily, they survived and gained popularity as pets. Due to their historical background, the English Mastiff is also famous for their affectionate nickname, which is “the gentle giant.”

11. Cancer is the Main Enemy

english mastiff facts
Cancer is the Main Enemy

Do you know the main enemy for the English Mastiff? Several studies published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) show that cancer is the most common health problem for this dog breed. This chronic disease was identified as the leading cause of death for the English Mastiff.

47% of English Mastiff deaths are caused by cancer, followed by old age (16%) and heart failure (8%). Cancer Lymphoma and Hemangiosarcoma are the types that account for the most deaths of English Mastiffs.

12. Females Live Longer than Males

english mastiff factsc
Females Live Longer than Males

When we talk about longevity, the female English Mastiff has a longer life expectancy than the male. Females can live up to 8.5 years while males can only live up to 7.5 years. More than 60% of females die due to old age while for males the percentage is only about 50%.

The difference in life expectancy is based on genetic and hormonal aspects. This fact can also be taken into consideration for those of you who want to adopt the English Mastiff soon.

13. Prone to Gastric Torsion

english mastiff factsc
Prone to Gastric Torsion

Feeding is an essential factor in raising an English Mastiff. Ensure adequate nutritional intake for your favorite English Mastiff. However, there are things you need to pay attention to, namely the English Mastiff is prone to gastric torsion or bloating.

Factors that contribute to these health problems are too large portions of food, drinking too much water, and strenuous exercise directly before or after meals. Therefore, remember to always provide food according to the needs of your favorite English Mastiff.

14. Easy to Care for

English Mastiff Facts
Easy to Care for

When you have a pet, grooming is something that you need to do on a regular basis. However, the English Mastiff is very easy to care for. All you have to do is brush the bristles with a rubber curry brush regularly. Brushing will remove dead hairs and fleas from your beloved English Mastiff’s body.

However, be careful to brush this dog’s fur in the spring and fall. The English Mastiff’s feathers fall out easily during these two seasons. You can also clean the dog’s body with a baby cloth or damp cloth. Use a gentle shampoo made for dogs at least once a week. Love the English Mastiff by providing optimal care for them.

15. Good with Other Dogs

English Mastiff Facts
Good with Other Dogs

The English Mastiff is also famous for its hospitality. Not only to their owners, but this dog breed is also friendly to other dogs, too. The English Mastiff provides gentle interaction and introduction to other dogs. This fact clearly shows that the English Mastiff is ideal as a playmate.

16. Ancient Roman War Dogs Are the Ancestors

English Mastiff Facts
Ancient Roman War Dogs Are the Ancestors

Do you know one interesting fact about the English Mastiff that not many people know? The English Mastiff is derived from the ancient Roman war dogs. This dog is used as a guard and a reliable war assistant. Evidence of this fact is the abundance of ancient English Mastiff statues.

17. Produce the Biggest Litters

English Mastiff Facts
Produce the Biggest Litters

In general, dogs can give birth to 1-4 puppies in one litter. However, the English Mastiff can give birth to 10-15 puppies. The large size of the uterus allows this unique thing to happen. The English Mastiff is one of the best choices when you are planning to adopt a dog as a pet.

The English Mastiff is popular because of the interesting facts it has to offer. After knowing all the facts above, what do you think about the English Mastiff? Are you ready to adopt this friendly dog? Give your best feedback in the comments column!

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