25 Authentic and Appetizing Maine Food Gifts

Are you planning your next vacation already? Maybe you can consider going to Maine for your next vacation. It is such a charming place with delicious foods too. Maine has been one of favorite destinations for the foodies. There are so many great foods to eat and try in this state. If you are into seafood, Maine will offer you the best and sweetest lobsters you will ever have. They offer you the most interesting desserts too. It will be heaven for both the gourmet and sweet tooth. 

We put together 25 different food items on this list of Maine food gifts. You can have a read as the preparation for your visit there so you know which food to try and the food that you could also bring home.

Also, this list would also be perfect to find the right food gift for those who are missing Maine and their food but are not able to make a visit. Get ready to explore some delicious mouthwatering food. 

BEST Maine Food Gifts

1. Blue Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Maine Food Gifts

We are going to start the list of Maine food gifts with Maine’s best food, blueberries. Blue chocolate covered blueberries bring a little twist to the famous Maine blueberries.

Blueberries covered with a layer of milk chocolate and a layer of white chocolate tinted with blue color. So, it still looks like blueberries from the outside. It will be best for simple gift ideas for Christmas and any other occasions or parties. 

2. Whoopie Pies

Maine Food Gifts

Whoopie pies is one of Maine’s most famous treats. It is only right to bring it as a Maine food gift and probably the best food gift you can get.

If you have no idea what whoopie pies are, it is basically a cake sandwich. It usually comes with a two round shaped chocolate cake with cream in the middle. The cream is either a vanilla buttercream or marshmallow cream. They will definitely love this treat.  

3. Wyman of Maine Frozen Blueberries

Maine Food Gifts

Blueberries are obviously a must in the list of Maine food gifts. It is one of the most sought after Maine products that you need to try.

The Wymann of Maine frozen blueberries will be a safer alternative rather than taking the risk of bringing fresh blueberries with you on a long trip home. These frozen blueberries could be used for various purposes: baking, smoothies, topping, and many more. 

4. Wild Maine Blueberry Jam

Bringing fresh blueberries or frozen ones might be a hassle, you can go for blueberry products. The first easy option you can go with is wild Maine blueberry jam. They can use this blueberry jam for various dishes. This blueberry jam is sweet and has that homemade taste to it. 

5. Maine Blueberry Coffee

Maine Food Gifts

This Maine blueberry coffee would be the best food gift idea for the coffee lovers. It is specially blended with the fresh Maine blueberry and arabica coffee. It will make a really interesting flavor note that will make a unique Maine food gift idea for Christmas or other occasions.

You can expect a fruity and fresh flavor of the coffee. An unusual coffee taste that you can enjoy when you are having a Maine-inspired breakfast. 

6. Authentic Wild Maine Blueberries Packed

Authentic Wild Maine Blueberries Packed

Another alternative to the frozen blueberries is Maine blueberries packed. It is a new technology of storing fresh blueberries so that you can have it for a longer period of time.

This will be a great Maine food gift to get and let others have a taste of the famous Maine blueberry. It comes in smaller tins so it will suit smaller servings. There is always a way to get your hands on the famous Maine blueberries. 

7. Wild Maine Blueberry Green Tea

Maine Food Gifts

The wild Maine blueberry green tea is a great food gift choice for the tea lovers. This is a special blend that is inspired by the freshness of Maine blueberries and the authentic taste of organic green tea together. This blend will give you a sweeter and fresher note unlike the usual organic green tea that you have. 

8. Moxie Soda

Moxie Soda

One of Maine’s most iconic brands: the Moxie soda. Just like Nebraska has its Kool-Aid, Maine has Moxie. It was first created by Augustin Thompson in the year 1876. Before it became the symbol of Maine, it was first patented as a medicine called “Moxie Nerve Food”.

Over time, it became a famous soda brand that became one of the most iconic Maine products. For the taste, it has a very similar flavor with root beer with a bitter after taste. Not all people are fond of the taste, however you need to try the taste of moxie to have a complete experience of Maine food. It will also be a great gift for Christmas or any other occasion. 

9. Fluff Marshmallow Spread

Maine Food Gifts

Fluff marshmallow spread is the most famous marshmallow spread brand all across the country. As one of the most famous food products of New England, you can never miss this one. It is a white fluffy and smooth spread that tastes sweet like marshmallow.

It has been around for 75 years and still stays true to its original recipe. The Maine gourmet gift that your foodie friends would be excited about. 

10. Maine Wild Blueberry Honey

Maine Food Gifts

We are not done with the blueberries product. Another Maine gourmet gift that you need to consider getting is the Maine wild blueberry honey. This honey is harvested in Albion Maine. The difference between this wild blueberry honey and the usual honey is that the bees harvest pollen from wild low blueberry bush. This gives the honey a richer flavor with a little tang to it: a true summer flavor. 

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11. Box Of Maine Wild Blueberry Pancake Mix 

Box Of Maine Wild Blueberry Pancake Mix

Maine’s wild blueberry pancake is definitely the crowd’s favorite. The best menu for breakfast, dessert, snack, and any meal on any time of the day. Now, they can easily make them at home using this Maine wild blueberry pancake mix. The best way to bring Maine’s culinary scene to the comfort of your home. 

12. Dried Blueberry

Maine Food Gifts

The dried blueberry is another Maine’s blueberry product that you can’t miss. It is a nutritious snack that is super delicious. You can be at ease to munch them all day long. It will also be a great addition to your baked goods, yogurt bowl, cereal, and many more. Your go-to healthy snack.

Since bringing in fresh blueberries might not be possible if you live quite far from Maine, you can still get a taste of the Maine blueberries by trying the dried ones instead. 

13. Acadia Roast Coffee

Acadia Roast Coffee

Acadia roast is the unique coffee blend from Maine. It is a coffee roaster that has Maine as its home. The acadia roast is the blend that has a unique flavor note from the mixture of Ethiopia Sidamo Guji and Sumatra coffee beans with a touch of espresso roast. A unique taste that will be the perfect cup to start your day. 

14. Maine Maple Syrup

Maine Food Gifts

Another Maine’s most popular product: Maine maple syrup. Maine maple syrup is divided into four different grades. This one comes in the second grade which has an amber color with a rich flavor.

People in Maine will have their breakfast pancake drizzled with this maple syrup. Maine maple syrup is apparently considered as one of the best in the world. A simple and delicious treat for your loved ones from Maine.

15. Needhams Candy Bar

Needhams Candy Bar

Needhams candy bar is another unique Maine treat that you need to try. It is a chocolate candy bar with coconut filling. The secret ingredient of this Needhams that make it unique is potatoes. You don’t really taste the potato, but it definitely contributes to the sweet and rich flavor of Needhams. 

16. Box Of Maine

Box Of Maine

Getting a gift basket filled with various foods will always make a great food gift. The box of Maine is one of the gift baskets from Maine. This gift basket contains 10 items: chocolate whoopie pie, fluff, moxie, maine maple syrup, wild blueberry honey, humpty dumpty BBQ chips, Needham’s chocolate, acadia roast coffee, wild maine blueberry jam, and maine woods candle. This box will soothe your feelings if you miss the time you spent in Maine. 

17. Wild Maine Blueberry Sample Gift Pack

Maine Food Gifts

The wild Maine blueberry gift pack contains all the must try blueberry products. It contains seven different blueberry products such as: wild Maine blueberry black tea, blueberry jam, blueberry cashew, blueberry packed in water, and many more. One of the gift baskets from Maine that shows some of the best Maine products. With this box, you can give all the best blueberry products mentioned in this list of Maine food gifts easily.  

18. Maine Breakfast Box

Maine Food Gifts

Another choice of gift baskets from Maine is the Maine breakfast box. The box consists of pure maple syrup, wild blueberry jam, bar harbor tea, acadia coffee, and blueberry pancake mix. The perfect Maine gourmet gift that provides you with breakfast spread the way people in Maine do it. 

19. Maine Organic Honey Pack 

Maine Food Gifts

Honey is a healthy and delicious food product. Maine has some of the best tasting natural honey. This Maine organic honey pack consisted of three of the best natural honey that Maine offers: wild blueberry, orange blossom, and raspberry. Anyone would appreciate getting this gift. 

20. Maine Maple Sampler Box

Maine Food Gifts

Other than honey and blueberries, Maine is also known for its natural maple syrup. On this Maine maple sampler box, you will get all things related to maple syrup. It consisted of maple syrup, maple candy, maple candle, maple moose lollipop, maple popcorn, maple tea, and even maple Needham. Those who love maple will truly appreciate this gift basket from Maine. 

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21. Maine Holiday Gift Set

Maine Holiday Gift Set

The simpler gift basket you can choose from this list of Maine food gifts containing some of the best Maine food products.

Each Maine holiday gift set comes with blueberry jam, wild blueberry honey, and maple syrup. They will be able to have a little taste of some of Maine’s best food products. It will be a great main food gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holidays. 

22. Humpty Dumpty BBQ Chips

Maine Food Gifts

Another product that you can only find exclusively in Maine: the Humpty Dumpty BBQ Chips. It is actually a Canadian product, but it is exclusively distributed in Maine. This is why every time you visit Maine you need to bring this delicious potato chips home as a gift for your loved ones or yourself. These potato chips come in many different flavors so you can get various ones to let them try. 

23. Smith’s Honey Cured Beef Jerky 

Maine Food Gifts

This is the less popular choice on this list of Maine food gifts: Smooth’s honey cured beef jerky. It is made from a family run business in the woods of Maine. Each batch of ham is carefully taken care of since birth and the curing process is also very well monitored to ensure the best quality. The jerky has a bold and deep flavor to it. 

24. Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese


This list of Maine food gifts won’t be complete without any lobster menu. The Maine lobster mac & cheese is a unique menu to try. It gives a unique twist to the ordinary mac and cheese. The sweetness of the lobster with the delicious and rich flavor from the mascarpone and cheddar cheese with shell pasta and crunchy panko bread crumb will make an unforgettable taste. 

25. Maine Lobsterman’s Catch


We are ending the list with the ultimate lobster menu: Maine lobsterman’s catch. This set includes lobster tails, mussel, shrimp, sea scallops, baby potatoes, and corn on the cob. All steamed with a special lemon butter sauce. Once they receive the box, they can just thaw  and bake or grill it. Then, it will be ready to serve four to six people. 

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FAQ (Frequently Answer Questions)

What is famous food in Maine?

You have not come to Maine if you haven’t had the lobster rolls. There is tons of great food in Maine, but the lobster roll is just a must. Located near the Atlantic ocean gives them access to the freshest lobster. You don’t want to miss out on trying it out. 

What dessert is Maine known for?

Maine is known for their blueberries. So, you know that when in Maine you must try all their blueberries desserts and bakes. One of the most famous ones will be blueberry pie. In 2011, it was considered as the state’s national dessert. Blueberries are in season between late July to early September so it will be best to get some blueberry pies during that time. 

What food can you only get in Maine?

There are many foods in Maine that are super unique and you won’t find it elsewhere. To be exact, you won’t find something that tastes as good anywhere else. We will start with Maine sugar on snow. One of the unique desserts to have fresh snow with maple syrup.

Another Maine food that is super unique is the brown bread that you eat with a can. There are also the main needhams, whoopie pie, and fiddleheads for the vegetable lovers. Of course, you can’t miss out on the wind blueberry pie and lobster meal. 

Why is Maine famous for lobster?

Maine is located on the northern coast where lots of lobster is found. The cool water also makes the lobster taste sweeter and more tender. Lobster can’t actually stand cold water so they will move out of the water when the weather gets too cold. Thus, it will be super easy for the fishermen to get lobsters. This is why Maine became the largest lobster producing state in the whole country. 

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