25 Gifts for Fly Fishermen to Try Out

Fly fishing is a type of fishing using baits that resemble flies. This type of bait is a light-weighted lure usually used for fishing salmon and trout. It is a very unique technique. If your friend is a fly fisherman, you should ask them to teach you how to do it, and in return, you can give them some gifts!

It is definitely quite complicated. People who want to fly fishing require a special casting technique and specific rods. You will also need weighted lines to help the lure through the water, thus making it difficult for beginners. But in fact, it is super fun if you love challenges because your fishing abilities are tested through fly fishing.

Here we are, presenting you with various gifts for fly fishermen that you can give them as a special gift. Some of the items on our list are suitable for helping their fishing hobby, and some are suitable for everyday use. Let’s jump to the list to find one that works for them.

Wearable Everyday Gifts for Fly Fisherman

In this first part, we prepare gifts for fly fishermen that can be used every day. Not very helpful for their fishing activities, but still can be used while fishing. The items are clothes, hats, and mugs that are suitable for them.

1. Fish Fear Me Hat

Fish Fear Me Hat

Hats are common accessories to wear. It helps you look stylish and protects you from the sun, so you don’t glare when you are doing outdoor activities. Like this hat with “Fish Fear Me” quotes and trout ornaments, you can use this as gifts for fly fishermen. Available in various colors to suit their taste.

2. Fishing Gloves

Fishing Gloves

Don’t lose your grip by using these fishing gloves. When your bait is successful, you will feel the sensation of tugging with the fish using your fishing rod. With wet conditions and fish trying to escape, there is no need to worry when using these gloves.

Features an index and thumb finger that can be flipped, making it easy for you to use your smartphone flexibly. A unique item that is perfect as a gift for fly fishermen.

3. Rain Suit For Fishing

Rain Suit For Fishing

When you do fly fishing, you need to get into the water to get a better fishing spot. It is very difficult if you come home with wet clothes, you could be sick because of it. Giving this rain suit as a gift for fly fishermen is suitable for men. A special outfit for fly fishing that is waterproof so you don’t have to go home wet.

4. Fly Fishing T-Shirt

Fly Fishing T-Shirt

Fly fishing is famous for its special casting technique for fishing salmon or trout. This fly fishing t-shirt clearly depicts that method. The high-quality illustration makes this shirt a perfect gift for fly fishermen. Having a picture of a salmon chasing fly bait in the water, this t-shirt is suitable for those who have a hobby of fly fishing.

5. Fly Fishing Heartbeat T-Shirt

Fly Fishing Heartbeat T-Shirt

Are you looking for a gift for die-hard fans of fly fishing? Then this fly fishing heartbeat t-shirt is for them. Check out the picture of people doing fly fishing with heartbeat ornaments. This shirt will show that this hobby has been fused with their hearts. A perfect t-shirt as a gift for fly fishermen because it is made of comfortable cotton and is available in seven different colors.

6. Fly Fishing Flies Mug

Fly Fishing Flies Mug

Outdoor activities such as fly fishing can be very tiring. It would be a relief if they took a break for a while and drank coffee from this fly fishing mug. Suitable as a gift for fly fisherman with hand-drawn fly bait art all over it. Made of sturdy and glossy ceramic material, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

7. Fly Lure Hip Flask

Fly Lure Hip Flask

Fly fishing requires special techniques and high concentration to move the lure properly. It can be very tiring, especially if done in waters with currents. To recharge the spirit, you can drink your favorite drink from this hip flask. A unique and luxury gift for fly fisherman that is perfect with fly bait engraving on its body part

Fishing Lure as a Gift for Fly Fisherman

Bait for fly fishing is different compared to the one you are using for regular fishing. It has a lighter weight to mimic the movement of insects or invertebrates that enter the water to lure fish. In this second part, we provide several lures that can you can buy as gifts for fly fishermen. These baits are suitable for them to try.

8. Utah Killer Bug Lure

Utah Killer Bug Lure

This lure is available as a set of nine traditional Utah Killer bugs as a gift to fly fishermen. It is wrapped using Spindrift yarn which is not easy to unravel. Very effective for trout fishing, especially during winter. These Killer bugs mimic nothing but resemble everything.

9. May Bugs Lure

May Bugs Lure

Look at this May bug fishing lure! Maybe you’ve never seen a lure like this one. A gift for fly fisherman that is unique and has shaped like May bugs to add to your fishing gear collection. Consists of six pieces with different hook sizes that you can choose to order.

10. Squirmy Wormy Lure

Squirmy Wormy Lure

Perhaps the squirmy wormy lure is the most impactful for use in fly fishing. Its movement, which is very similar to that of a worm dropping into water, can captivate any trout that sees it. With a bright color when it enters the water, it is very effective for fishing. A lure that is suitable as a gift for fly fisherman so they can catch lots of fish.

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11. Argentinian Hare’s Ear Lure

Argentinian Hare’s Ear Lure

This Argentinian Hare’s Ear lure is one of the best for fly fishing. It has pink tungsten and a unique pattern that is effective for attracting fish, especially during summer or fall. Especially handmade products as a gift for fly fishermen where you can get three for only paying two.

12. Tungsten Bead Egg

Tungsten Bead Egg

Check out this unique tungsten bead egg! Has an egg-like shape with the addition of a bead to make the trout go crazy. Hand-tied firmly so it doesn’t break down easily in water or fish’s mouth. Easily enter the water with realistic movements to lure fish. The set of three pieces is available in a variety of vibrant colors.

13. 100 Trout Fishing Flies

100 Trout Fishing Flies

One fly fishing lure may not be enough. What if you could have a fly fishing gift box with 100 lures at once? It is the perfect gift for fly fishermen to complete their bai collection. Each one is different and unique, with sizes and types that are adaptable. No more worrying about bait needs for your hobby.

Gear as a Gifts for Fly Fisherman

You could say that fly fishing is an outdoor activity that is quite unique because it is different from regular fishing. Of course, you need specific equipment to support your hobby. Here are some gears that you can use or serve as a gift for fly fishermen.

14. Custom Fishing Vest

Custom Fishing Vest

This custom fishing vest is a gift for fly fishermen that is perfect for helping them fish. It can provide assistance to carry your belongings, such as spare bait, drinking water, and various other necessities for fishing. Can be customized by giving the name of the person to whom you will be given this vest as a gift.

15. Traveler Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod

Traveler Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod

To do fly fishing, you need a specific rod to be able to move the bait freely. Make this travel fly fishing rod a gift for the fly fisherman to use. With a size that can be condensed to only 2 feet, making it easy to carry for travel. Find the best location for fishing and visit with this travel fishing rod.

16. Fly Fishing Wrist Band

Fly Fishing Wrist Band

To do fly fishing, you need a variety of equipment that can help your hobby. For example, when you are fishing but find that the bait you are using breaks, it will be very inconvenient if you have to go back to shore to replace the lure. Use this fly fishing wrist band as a gift for fly fishermen so they can bring an extra lure. Simply by plugging it in, you are ready to fish again.

17. Fly Rod and Tube Rack

Fly Rod and Tube Rack

As someone who has a hobby of fly fishing, you also need specific furniture for your equipment. Like this fly rod and tube rack that you can make as a gift for fly fishermen. Using hand-made high-class quality plywood material makes this tube rack the perfect choice for you. Has a decorative and beautiful fish shape to decorate your home.

18. Personalized Fishing Creel Basket

Personalized Fishing Creel Basket

It is impossible for anyone to go fishing but not want to get fish, as well as people who do fly fishing. Give this fishing creel basket as a gift to fly fishermen for their fish savings. A personalized fly fishing gift with a strong wicker and a shoulder strap to help you carry it when fishing. Can be made personalized with a custom name on the top of this basket.

19. Fly Fishing Lanyard

Fly Fishing Lanyard

This fly fishing lanyard is perfect as a gift for fly fishermen. It is useful for them as they can efficiently carry some spare lure. Just by hanging it around your neck, you can change the lure conveniently. Can be customized with the initials letter from the name of the person you will give this as a gift.

20. Customized Fishing Rod

Customized Fishing Rod

Personal stuff has its own value compared to the goods made by the manufacturer. Same with this custom-designed fishing rod. Custom made to order and just for you. Suitable to serve as gifts for fly fishermen that can be customized such as sizes, colors, and other components according to their needs.

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21. Personalized Leather Fly Fishing Wallet

Personalized Leather Fly Fishing Wallet

You can also bring your spare lure for fly fishing in a stylish way. You can use this leather fly fishing wallet that you can use as a gift for fly fishermen. Just put your spare bait in it, and you can carry it safely in your pocket. Can be requested to be given initially so that it becomes a personalized fly fishing gift.

22. Compact Fly Wallet

Compact Fly Wallet

If a pocket wallet is too complicated for you, then we recommend you to have this compact fly wallet. Made of high-quality leather, which can be used as a gift for fly fishermen. Designed to float if dropped into water, this wallet is very compact and easy for you.

23. Wall Mount Rod Rack

Wall Mount Rod Rack

Are you a fly fishing enthusiast? Perhaps you have lots of fishing rods but no place to organize them. Give this wall mount rod rack as a gift to fly fishermen so they can organize their fishing rod collection with a cool display. Up to 46 piece rod holders are suitable for organizing all your collections.

24. Mobile Fly Tying Work Desk

Mobile Fly Tying Work Desk

To make fly lures for fly fishing requires some suitable equipment for good results. We recommend that you give this fly tying work desk as a gift to fly fishermen who choose to make their artificial lure. A mobile item that can be moved anywhere, even taken away while fishing, just in case you run out of bait.

25. Fly Rod & Reel Storage Cabinet

Fly Rod _ Reel Storage Cabinet

The last item on our list is a fly rod & reel storage cabinet that you can use to store all your fishing gear with luxury looks. Starting from hats, fly rods, weighted lines, or other equipment you have. Has several shelves of different sizes to suit your storage needs. Suitable as a gift for fly fishermen with trout ornaments that fit their taste.

Latest Post:

What do fly fishermen need?

Fly fishermen need some specific equipment that can support their fishing needs. In this list, we have some products that might be suitable for them such as Here Fishy, Fishy hat to protect them from the heat, and special lures like 100 fly fishing lures for their activities. Some other equipment such as a compact fly wallet and a custom fishing vest may also be needed to facilitate their activities.

Do you need a special rod for fly fishing?

Yes, you do. Going fly fishing needs a specific rod so that you can move the bait according to your fly fishing needs. If you only have one fishing rod, then we recommend having a strong versatile one for various sizes of fish with a custom-designed fishing rod for yourself.

How do you fish with a fly lure?

A fly lure is a specific lure used for fly fishing. To do this is to move the bait with various variations to mimic the movement of insects or invertebrates that fall into the water. Use a bright lure like a squirmy wormy lure for clear water and dark bait like a May bugs fishing lure for colored water.

When should I use fly fishing lures?

You can use fly fishing lures to fish for salmonids such as salmon or trout. Fishing with this technique requires advanced skills. So you have to move the bait properly to attract the attention of the fish.

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