25 Unique Doorbells for Your House Inspiration

All of us tend to forget that doorbells can be one of the most inspirational items for new home decoration, and unique doorbells can be a nice focal point that fulfills our need. Unlike the ordinary welcoming bells, unique doorbells nowadays are very much enticing to be a decoration of the house’s front. After all, most of us may already know the use of a doorbell is quite crucial, right?

In the past, most doorbells only come in shapes like the usual dull ring bells. Today, doorbells come in various shapes, types and also function. Some doorbells aren’t just decorations but also functions as a smart alarm and data receivers. In this article, we have classified 4 categories of unique doorbells based on their types for you to choose from. These items will enhance your house welcoming vibe and even become a great security system, too.

Wireless Unique Doorbells

The wireless unique doorbells are recommended for those who are into futuristic and chic looking items. The wireless type is more likely to be a hit in an upscale neighborhood, where most of the residences are the those with above average status. These types of doorbells is also one of the signs of how doorbells are becoming more advanced from time to time.

1. Self-Generating Waterproof Wireless Digital Doorbell

Self-Generating Waterproof Wireless Digital Doorbell

When you need a unique doorbell but your front door is not covered from the rain, then a waterproof doorbell is definitely what you need. Among all the digital wireless doorbells that you can find in the market, this one is definitely worth to pick. This item is simply beautiful and affordable, especially those who want to have a waterproof wireless doorbell. It’s easy to install and only requires low energy, perfect for minimalist-designed home. Moreover, this item also comes in two colors; black and white.

2. PHYSEN Wireless Doorbell Chimes

PHYSEN Wireless Doorbell Chimes

This one is a highly reviewed doorbell, and it can definitely be your one of the best considerations in choosing the best wireless doorbell for your home. This long wireless range doorbell will make sure that you never miss a chime, since it was specially made for a big houses or large apartments. Furthermore, it also has multiple ringtone options and mute mode so you can take a break from receiving guests.

3. Zeapa Wireless Doorbell

Zeapa Wireless Doorbell

Any wireless doorbell can be a unique doorbell but nothing as affordable and simply convenient like this wireless doorbell. Zeapa wireless doorbell is completed with high durability, quality, and stability. This can be used as the multipurpose building doorbell so the function is very versatile. It is energy saving and very easy to install. For a wireless doorbell, this one is reasonable for the price and versatile for every building. 

4. BO YING Wireless Doorbell

BO YING Wireless Doorbell

You need something more affordable than the previous unique doorbell? Then this BO PING wireless doorbell will win your choice of gift for your neighbor.  The BO PING can be your starter choice for those who are seeking for a wireless doorbell, which is affordable but offers great in quality. The review itself speaks great quality about this item.

5. Modern Living Square Wooden Wireless Doorbell

Modern Living Square Wooden Wireless Doorbell

Another unique doorbell with a nice and minimalist design is this wooden doorbell. A doorbell like this will make a joyful homecoming gift for your neighbor. It might offers natural look and fee, but this wooden doorbell is completely wireless. This wooden plinth doorbell comes with the fixing brackets and screws, and also some internal wireless system. In addition, it is also compatible with modern houses with wooden theme.

Decorative Unique Doorbells

Artistic or even eccentric unique doorbells might be the preferred type of doorbells for those who are into unique decorations. Classic looking doorbells like these are meant to become a home decoration item and also an ornament to be adored, since the look is very much classic door knocker. The decorative type doorbells are also preferable for neighbors who prefer something that is more unique-looking and easy to use.

6. Unique Design Ganesha Face Door Knocker

Unique Design Ganesha Face Door Knocker

An antique and unique doorbell like this would amaze your neighbor who loves the concept of simplicity. As a brass door knocker, this elephant-shaped knocker will make a nice gift for the receiver because of its unique design. The material is based on full brass so the design and appearance will represent the traditional style of a knocker. Homes with antique designs will be absolutely compatible with this classic piece. 

7. Rustic Vintage Style Iron Wall Bell

Rustic Vintage Style Iron Wall Bell

A unique doorbell like this one will create a vintage vibe to our home. Made of classic iron, this hanging-on-the-wall doorbell will be loved by the vintage loving neighbor. The rustic looking textures also create a sense of the vintage era, which reminds us about how people used that kind of bells in the past. Vintage houses would fit this doorbell very well.

8. Antique Wooden Iron Brass Doorbell

Antique Wooden Iron Brass Doorbell

Decorative and unique doorbell with the strong vibe of antiquity is something that will make vintage lovers go head over heels. Designed with iron brass material, this doorbell is meant to become a charming decoration on your front door. Not only as a decoration, this doorbell is mostly used in classic café or vintage-designed houses as the main entrance’s doorbell. It is truly a charming item for vintage lovers and café owners.

9. Akatva Vintage Twist Bell

Akatva Vintage Twist Bell

Simple and unique doorbell like this next item is a treasure for the historic-minded friends. Just like the old-time doorbells, this vintage bell is also made of brass. With the twist system mechanism, this doorbell is also made with easy to use feature. Moreover, it doesn’t require any battery or electricity, so it is very convenient for those who aren’t easy on the technology and low in signal type of house. 

10. Metal Cast Iron Weatherproof Antique Doorbell 

Metal Cast Iron Weatherproof Antique Doorbell

Unique doorbell with a vintage nostalgic vibe from the past is a memorable item for your parents or elder neighbors. It will remind them of how people in the old days used this kind of doorbell, and how convenient it was. Without a doubt, we can bring this classic doorbell to the present time as a decorative item. Furthermore, this doorbell is also weatherproof and will definitely perfect for classic-themed houses! 

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11. Ship’s Bell Antiqued Brass Finish Solid Aluminum

Ship_s Bell Antiqued Brass Finish Solid Aluminum

A nautical sensation that comes from this unique doorbell will captivate the amazement for those neighbors who are obsessed with the sailing world. This doorbell is an ultimate choice for you who are looking for a doorbell that is befitting for a beach house. This doorbell is made of brass and finished with solid aluminum. In short, this is truly a decoration for sailors!  

Wired Unique Doorbells

Some of the unique doorbells may also come from the wired doorbells. The wired doorbells are the doorbells which use the power of electricity connected from your house through the cable current or some of them only need to use batteries. The wired type comes in classic and modern type and here we have some variance of the wired type:

12. Solid Brass Steampunk Doorbell

Solid Brass Steampunk Doorbell

This Edwardian style unique doorbell is a fantastic solid brass wired doorbell recommendation. Classic and fancy-looking doorbells will be adored by home owners who love classic and vintage style. The price is affordable and the wires are very easy to install. This solid brass doorbell is perfect for any rustic farmhouse premises.

13. Cast Iron Poppy Steampunk Doorbell

Cast Iron Poppy Steampunk Doorbell

Like the brass one, this next unique doorbell that has a shape like a poppy flower is one of the best cast iron wired doorbell recommendations. This round cast iron doorbell, just the solid brass sister, is also well-owned and also an enchanting attribute for your house. With easy to install feature, this Edwardian style doorbell is an excellent beauty for rustic farmhouse premises and also for classic brick houses 

14. Broan-NuTone LA305WL Doorbell Kit

Broan-NuTone LA305WL Doorbell Kit

Traditional wired unique doorbells are a nice musical item for your house or your neighbor’s house. This ideal-sized door chime features a genuine maple wood cover, which enhances the classic beauty of the design. Contains eight tones and separated in between locations of the chimes, this doorbell describes the ultimate simplicity for your neighbor to see and vivid sophistication for you to have.

15. Ceramic Electric Flower Doorbell

Ceramic Electric Flower Doorbell

Cute and unique doorbell also comes in the form of its artistic coverage. This high worth beauty is perfect for you or your neighbors who are into ceramic art. Complete with the wires for the doorbell activation, this cute flowery doorbell is very easy to install. The materials of the cover are also great in quality. Certainly, this doorbell will be great for artsy house or bohemian inspired houses.

16. 1940’s Art Deco Doorbell Germany Vintage

1940’s Art Deco Doorbell Germany Vintage

Calling all around the vintage stuff lovers! This unique doorbell will surprise them and touch their vintage soul. This art deco doorbell comes from the 1940’s era where the doorbells were mostly very traditional and simple. This 80 years old electric doorbell is a rare item, so this is a must-have item for your old-style house.

17. Extremely Vintage Doorbell 

Extremely Vintage Doorbell

An extremely rare unique doorbell like this one here will make us awe by its existence. A retro, extremely vintage item like this will be a great value for collectors. Surprisingly, by the seller’s statement, this 1950’s doorbell is still highly functioning and the wires are still working properly. Nevertheless, we suggest this as a unique collection to have.

18. Heath Zenith Wired Doorbell Antique Brass

Heath Zenith Wired Doorbell Antique Brass

The next unique doorbell is an antique looking wired doorbell that will enhance you front door’s beauty. This antique brass wired doorbell is easy to install like most doorbells we know, yet convenient to use with a single push button. This one also works on the other low voltage chime from heath Zenith brand. Villa or cabin houses will be the best home designs to apply this low voltage doorbell.

19. Brass Pineapple Wired Doorbell

Brass Pineapple Wired Doorbell

The next unique doorbell will be a nice “fruitarian” gift. The wired doorbell is crafted and shaped like a pineapple. Plated with nickel and brass, this cute doorbell gives the finishing color of silver. Undoubtedly, this adorable pineapple doorbell would be a nice homecoming gift for the eccentric neighbor or even fruitarians.  

Smart Unique Doorbells

Unique doorbells also come with smart technology features. Smart doorbell is an internet-connected doorbell that notifies the connected electronic device of the homeowner when a visitor arrives at the door. It activates when the visitor presses the button of the doorbell or when the doorbell senses a visitor with its built-in motion sensors. The smart type also comes in advanced systems like the use of a special feature, which is the smart lock.

20. NC5100US Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell

NC5100US Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell

A complete pack from Nest brand is the next unique doorbell for those who need the smart device. It is waterproof, high quality from both the video and audio features, and it offers so many other features, which are unique and advanced for a doorbell. It is also compatible with some digital assistants and it uses three different languages, too!  

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21. Smart Intercom Wi Fi Doorbell

Smart Intercom Wi Fi Doorbell

Some of us or the neighbors around us need special security. For that reason, a unique doorbell with a security camera like this one is highly recommended. With the features of the smart doorbell, this one has the High Definition 1080p view of the visitors from the video camera. This unique doorbell is also water and UV resistant so it is a must have doorbell for modern-designed houses.

22. Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell

Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell

This one will be one of the best unique doorbell recommendations because this well known and popular doorbell is quite affordable and highly advanced. Completed with video and audio features, this doorbell offers high quality. It is also easy to install and features extreme alert for the visitors who come. This one is suitable for the upper-class houses.

23. 360 Wireless Video Doorbell

360 Wireless Video Doorbell

The next smart unique doorbell on our recommendation is a symbol of an exquisite performance from an affordable smart doorbell category. This wireless video doorbell is highly advanced in terms of its features. It has radar detection, which is sensitive to the movements of objects, yet precise on alertness. Moreover, the camera resolution is 2496 x 1920, which helps you to catch the important details on the camera. This item is used by most house blocks with great internet connection! 

24. AOSU Wireless Doorbell Camera

AOSU Wireless Doorbell Camera

Another unique doorbell from the advanced AOSU will help your neighbor to stay safe from those unwanted visitors. This modern smart doorbell is designed to act like a security camera system due to its secure and stable video and audio system. Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, this doorbell can easily be accessed via CCTV from your device. Commonly used by upper class and big houses.

25. Google Nest HDR Video Doorbell

Google Nest HDR Video Doorbell

Smart and unique doorbells from Google Nest here will be the fanciest doorbell gift for your neighbor. It features the high level of motion sensor quality, video and audio in HD, intelligent alarm for human censor alertness, and compatible with both IOS and android. The price speaks of great quality more than you think. Of course, this is perfect for mansions and penthouses, yet you can use it for your house, too.

latest post:

What are the best and unique doorbells?

The best and unique doorbells are the ones that we have recommended on the list above. Our recommendations for the best and unique doorbells are the Ceramic Electric Doorbell and the Cast Iron Poppy Doorbell due to their unique design.  

What type of doorbell is the best?

The best type of the doorbell is the smart type doorbell because it has multifunction features.  Smart type doorbell doesn’t only act as the “doorbell” but it also acts as a security cam and data restoring device for every visitor who comes to your home.

How do I choose the doorbell?

Make sure you choose the doorbell, which has a lot of benefits, usability, and convenient. But the main reason for you to choose a doorbell is to know how it can function for your house. You can choose the Google Nest Doorbell if your house is big or compatible with great energy, it all depends on your house compatibility.

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