22 Appetizing Gamer Cake Ideas for Your Wonderful Little Legends

Cake is everyone’s favorite dessert of all ages. Every gamer would also love a dessert that is decorated with their favorite game. It is a memorable sweet which is usually served on a birthday and special occasions. All little legends, boys and girls, love cakes for their special day. Even though the cake taste is the most important thing, the appearance of the cake would impress the whole experience. There are appetizing gamer cake ideas that are served with gaming cake decoration.

For your wonderful little legends, we are more than happy to compile those amazing and appetizing video game addict cake designs below. Birthday cakes and cupcakes for boys and girls are available on our list.

Let’s check on our list immediately!

Girl Gamer Cake Ideas

Girls who are video game lovers would love these girl game cake ideas. Girls usually love cute cake toppers and cake decorations. Pink colors, strawberry jam, colorful sprinkles, as well as games knick knacks would be  lovely for girls gamer cake design. We are overwhelmed with the wonderful video game addict cake design ideas.

There are lots of appetizing cake ideas that you can serve for your little legend. Let’s check them out!

1. Playstation Video Game Addict Cake Idea

Source: Pinterest (@Afternoon Crumbs)

This chocolate playstation video game addict cake actually can be given both for girls and boys. But the cute thing on this cake is on the colorful sprinkles. Not to mention the chocolate coat looks so neat melting down the cake. Little game accents like video game sticks, buttons, and game labels add more cute details into the delicious cake. It completely makes it an appetizing cake for your lovely girl. Don’t forget to decorate your house with some gamer balloons as well.

2. Milk Chocolate Gamer Cake

Source: Pinterest (@sweetleagifts.co.uk)

If your girl gamer prefers a milky chocolate cake flavor, you can consider giving her this cake. The Milk Chocolate Gamer cake would be another level of chocolate blessing for her. The playstation stick is the only object decorating the cake. It looks so simple but elegant at the same time. The soft chocolate color looks extremely fancy combined with the silver playstation stick. There is no need to write too many words on the cake. Just write “For A Champion” for your best girl and let her know how wonderful she is.

3. Super Mario Cupcakes

Source: Pinterest (@projectwedding.com)

Super Mario is a legendary cute game about Mario who passes through obstacles and struggles in saving the princess. Poisonous mushrooms, powerful red mushrooms, coins, stars, and dangerous eating plants are the cute icons there in Super Mario. The other iconic thing about this game is the bright blue sky that accompanies Mario in every step. Not to mention the green canal that would bring Mario underground. Having those icons on cupcakes would be so lovely for your little legends.

4. Naked Raspberry Cake

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Somehow, a cake does not always have to be fully covered in cream. Even a naked cake can look appetizing with the touch of raspberry jam, some fresh raspberry and white cream. Be sure to add a gamer cake topper as well for your special little legend. The uncovered cake makes it look more appetizing since everyone can see what’s inside the cake. You can even imagine how it tastes just by looking at it. Yum!

5. Cute ACNH Game Addict Design

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Another cute game comes from the ACNH or also known as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is so fun to decorate the cake with her favorite animal villager, a beautiful small house, and some cute other details of leaves and flowers. The land color is another iconic cute color that you can apply on the cream covering the cake. Her birthday would be another sweet day with her favorite animal villager. Don’t forget to fill your party room with the gamer party supplies.

6. The SIMS Gamer Cake Design

Source: Pinterest (@Marlies N Mark Tong)

Who does not love The Sims? This game comes in various themes that allows the gamers to choose their escapes. The Sims is so iconic with the green floating object on the active character. No wonder, your little gamer would love playing it for hours. For her special day, you can consider decorating her birthday cake with The Sims decorations. A girl laying on her stomach playing The Sims on her laptop would look exactly like her. Add another fun activity in her birthday party, like hitting a gamepad pinata.

7. Minecraft Cake Idea For Girl

Source: Pinterest (@Linas Balocka)

The Minecraft game is another game she may love playing. On her birthday cake, decorate it with some pink blockers forming a sword. Don’t miss any details like Minecraft’s human, pet, and the frowning face. The green grass also would look amazing on the cake with pearly pink stones. It looks even lovely when you apply green cream to cover the whole cake. The pink and green color combinations look so appetizing.

8. Pinky Cake Design 

Source: Pinterest (@Claudzyy)

Pink and girls are inseparable in almost everything, including birthday cake decorations. For your precious little girl who is a game addict, serve her this Pinky cake on her special day. Fill all the spaces with her favorite games accessories, like fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, and game sticks. You would never know how precious this cake is for your wonderful little legend. It is a form of love from her significant others.

9. Lazy Gamer Cake Idea

Source: Pinterest (@media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com)

Sitting on the bed under a warm blanket with food and drinks on the side of your bed may seem lazy. But do you know how wonderful it feels? When your precious girl is playing her favorite game on her laptop, she would love it so much. Though, you can manifest it on her cake decoration. Visual her as a lazily happy girl in her life with everything she likes and everything she needs.

Boy Gamer Cake Ideas

Choosing an appetizing gamer cake for boys who have a video game addict is a big deal. Among all of the various game genres that may be played by your little legend, you need to be sure that the cake looks pleasant. Boys who usually play action games with guns, killings, and monsters may give you a challenge in decorating his cake. Tho, his special day needs to be completed with a beautiful cake of his favorite game.

Let’s check on what we’ve got for you!

10. PUBG Gamer Cake Idea

Does your boy love playing PUBG? It is a challenging yet wonderful experience in designing the cake with this theme. The guns, shooters, mysterious box, barren land, and green grass are the perfect decorations for this boy gamer cake idea. The black ashy cream color that covers the cake looks like dark chocolate. It would make your little boy impatiently begging to give it a taste.

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11. Plants Vs. Zombies Peashooter Cake Idea

Source: Pinterest (@Veronica Tapia)

Plants vs. Zombie is a well-known monster game. The green goggling zombies are the monsters that need to be exterminated by the cute little plants. Although the plants are extremely cute, the peashooter is the cutest among all. Look at the colors! The light green, dark green, and black color forms this peashooter cake perfectly. Your little boy would be happy to have this cake on his birthday. It is like having a wonderful weapon to fight the zombies.

12. Wonderful GTA Birthday Cake

Source: Pinterest (@Lisa Reid)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is another adventurous-action game. It allows the player to act as a criminal hanging around the city. Your little legend who loves playing gta would definitely love this GTA cake design. The iconic Vinewood would be the most appetizing part of the cake decoration. Made of white chocolate and perfectly coated makes it look shiny. Furthermore, the small police car looks so cute on the cake.

13. Subway Surfer with Chocolate Coins

Source: Pinterest (@Catherine Morgans)

The Subway Surfer has been a fancied game since the past decade. It is a simple yet addicting game that surely be the reason your little legend loves this game. For his special day, decorate his cake just like the trains he used to pass through. Don’t even miss the golden coins that he collects when he plays. This cake design will surely call him to pinch the edible golden coins and finish the cake in no time.

14. Nintendo Switch Chocolate Cake

Nintendo Switch Chocolate Cake
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Another appetizing gamer cake idea is the chocolate cake with all chocolate toppings overflowed with chocolate cream. If your special boy is a fan of chocolate as well as Nintendo Switch, then this cake design is exactly for him. Served in a full chocolate with a Nintendo Switch topper on it would be the best cake on his birthday. It is a bitter sweet piece of love and caring from his significant others.

15. Green Xbox Cupcakes

Green Xbox Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest (@Alicia Summers)

This microsoft video gaming brand, Xbox, has the iconic light green color. It looks fresh and appetizing like a green apple, avocado, and kiwi. His birthday does not only have to be celebrated with a big cake. You can also serve some cupcakes on his special day. The Xbox cake design would be lovely for him who loves playing his favorite games on that. The Xbox stick, X symbol, and the on/off button are the best topping for these cupcakes.

16. Blue Playstation Birthday Cake

Blue Playstation Birthday Cake

Who does not know Playstation? It has thousands of games with various genres that can be played by almost everyone, including your best boy. Consider this blue playstation birthday cake into his birthday celebration. It is coated with blue cream cheese frosting with the iconic symbol of triangle, square, circle, and cross on it. Another thing to complete this cake is the gamepad shaped gingerbread cookie. It is an appetizing edible cake topper.

Gamer Cake Topper

When you cannot decorate the cake with your little legends’ favorite game, you can just grab the best cake topper for them. Whether it is a small or big cake, or cupcakes, you can always put the best gamer cake topper on them. Considering their favorite color as well as their mostly played game, you may bring the cake into the next level of appetizing.

We are so excited to let you know what we have on our list. So, let’s immediately check on them! 

17. Black Gamer Cake Topper

Black Gamer Cake Topper
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Boys usually love black color, but it does not mean girls can’t love it too. Besides symbolizing power and elegance, black color also may make you feel secure and protected. Your little legends who love playing action games or acting as the hero of the game would surely love this black gamer cake topper. The gamer headphone and the gamepad would be the main object of the gamer cake topper.

18. Purple Gamer Cake Topper

Purple Gamer Cake Topper
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Another gamer cake topper idea is the purple one. Purple usually symbolizes creativity and fantasy. For your little legends who love playing fantasy games, this purple gamer cake topper would be amazing. Put it on their favorite birthday cake and serve it for them. The details of playstation gamepad symbols, such as circle, triangle, cross, and square are present on the cake topper. Make sure to put the new level of the age of your little legends.

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19. Pastel Gamer Cake Topper

Pastel Gamer Cake Topper
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The pastel gamer cake topper is usually girls’ favorite. The soft basic colors are combined perfectly to make it a colorful gamer cake topper. It even seems like a rainbow. Since it is a soft colorful pastel gamer cake topper, match it with a mono color cake. That way, the cake topper and the cake would complete each other’s appearance. Bringing them the most appetizing and cute birthday gamer cake idea.

20. Blue Gamer Cake Topper

Blue Gamer Cake Topper
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.me)

This blue gamer cake topper is usually loved by boys. The cake topper consists of the birthday boy, a white gamepad, the new level or age, and the playstations’ gamepad symbols. Besides the cake topper, there are also cupcake toppers. They come with the gamepad symbols and gamepad separately so you can put it on each of the cupcakes. Besides, it has a sparkling blue color with some glitters.

21. Video Game Cupcake Topper

Video Game Cupcake Topper
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

There are cute video game cupcake toppers that you can use for your little legends’ special day. The gamepad, joystick, and the cute gameboy look so cute and appetizing. Your little legends will not think about the taste of the cupcakes. Instead, they would pick the cupcakes based on the topper they have. It would be a fun and exciting activity for them while enjoying the whole party.

22. DIY Gamepad Cake Topper

DIY Gamepad Cake Topper
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The cake toppers do not always have to be purchased. Instead, you can make it yourself with the materials available at home. Take a thick paper and cut it in the form of a gamepad. Don’t forget to give the gamepad details and buttons. Be happy to put your little legend’s name and age on the DIY Gamepad cake topper. Show your love on the cake topper you have made by applying colors available at home. Crayons, markers, and colored pencils would be wonderful for the DIY cake topper.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When it comes to gamer cake design, the gamer’s favorite game would be the best cake design for their special celebrations. Among all games, the popular gamer cake designs are usually related to Xbox, Playstations, Fortnite, PUBG, Nintendo Switch, and other video games. With those popular games, you can design it with your legend’s favorite colors and game characters. It would be wonderfully appetizing.

Are there any special tools or equipment you need to create a gamer cake?

Creating a cake for your beloved gamer is a heartwarming thing on their special day. To decorate your cake easier, you can consider these tools or equipment. Starting from icing turntable, stainless steel cake smoother, steel nozzle for piping bag tip, a hand blender, as well as measuring cup and spoon.

What games can you play while eating?

If you should play the game while eating, there are numerous video games you can play. The Sims is a simulation game that you can play delightfully while enjoying your meal. Besides, you also can play Life is Strange, Fallout 1 & 2, The Wolf Among Us, and Pokemon: Let’s Go.

Are there bakeries that specialize in famer-themed cakes?

For your little legend’s special day, put aways all of your worries about the cake. Even when you cannot make it yourself, you are surrounded by wonderful bakeries specializing in themed cakes. You can always find them and let them know how the cake you want to be. Check on these amazing bakeries just around the neighbors.

How can you make sure your gamer cake is the perfect fit for the birthday?

Ensuring your little legend’s favorite game is the fundamental thing to do first. When it comes to their birthday party, their favorite game should be the theme. Make sure the cake is delicious, the cake decoration is appetizing, and the gamer cake topper matches the theme. Do not overthink it because the gamer cake will fit the birthday anyway.

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