25 Cool Snoopy Gifts for Your Beloved One

Snoopy is known as a lovely, funny, and loyal dog cartoon. He loves books and is a collector of fine art and root beer. Moreover, he is also known to love lying on the top of his doghouse and being lazy. 

Sometimes he does a ‘happy dance’ that makes him become a famous character that brings happy viruses to people who watch him on TV or phone. Because Snoopy is one of the most popular cartoons, it’s not a surprise if your friend loves Snoopy so much.

You can brighten up your friend’s day, who is a fan, with some lovely Snoopy-themed gifts! Be it for their birthday or other occasions, Snoopy will never fail to cheer your friend up. And so, we have gathered various items with Snoopy motifs that will be perfect as a gift for fans of this silly dog. From useful ones to unique products, let’s check them out!

Unique Snoopy Gifts

Here we found several unique Snoopy gifts you won’t find in other places. There is a crochet Snoopy and an engraved spoon set, a handmade resin keychain you can personalize, and even a Snoopy soap bar! With more than 5 options, which Snoopy gift would you choose for your best buddy?

1. Crochet Snoopy

Crochet Snoopy

This crochet snoopy is perfect as a Snoopy gift for our best friends! They are made of colorful wire and yarn, so it gives a 3D unique look and is perfect to add more colors to your home. The doll is 11” tall, so it can be an ideal-sized home decoration as well. Check this adorable Snoopy out while the stock still lasts!

2. Snoopy Engraved Spoon Set

Snoopy Engraved Spoon Set

This wooden spoon set is perfect not only as cutlery but can also be used as wall decor. What makes this set unique are the engraved names and engraved cartoon character of Snoopy on every spoon. The set will be perfect as a unique Snoopy gift for your best friends! 

3. Personalized Snoopy Letter Keychain

Personalized Snoopy Letter Keychain

Just a keychain is so basic, but this keychain is different and unique. You can personalize which letter and which adorable Snoopy you want to attach to the keychain. This small item will make a special Snoopy gift for your best friend who loves cute accessories. The keychain is also lightweight since it is made of resin with real dried flowers inside. 

4. Snoopy Soap Bar

Snoopy Soap Bar

Let your favorite cartoon character be your companion during bath time! These Snoopy soap bars can make your bath time more fun than before. The soap bars are made of refreshing ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, and many other essential oils good for our skin. You should consider giving this item to your girlfriend, especially because women love self-care-related products!

5. Snoopy 3D Night Lamp

5. 3D Night Lamp

Perfect as our companion before sleeping at night, this Snoopy night lamp will be an ideal Snoopy gift to give to our best friends! Simply touch the lamp, and it can change to pretty 7 colors. Its 3D lights feature will provide a striking light visual in a dark room. Snoopy fans would absolutely go bonker having this lamp in their room!

6. Snoopy Crystal Puzzle

Snoopy Crystal Puzzle

Solving puzzles is always exciting! Even more so when it is a Snoopy crystal puzzle! Your partner who loves Snoopy would want one of these to complete their Snoopy collection. It will offer some challenges, even for adults. It is made of elegant crystal, so it can be used as pretty desk decor when the puzzle is solved. 

7. Adorable Desk Calendar

Adorable Desk Calendar

Putting this Snoopy’s Doghouse calendar on your desk will help you remember some important dates. So, this item will be very helpful for forgetful best friends who love Snoopy! The calendar is not just cute but also practical. Furthermore, it has a wooden stand so your friend can easily display it as a lovely accessory.

8. Silicone Spatula

No products found.

For your girl best friend who loves both Snoopy and cooking, this Snoopy spatula set will be a perfect Snoopy gift for them. It can help the user scoop and scrape things out of a bowl or even mix ingredients in a cooking pot. The item is also easy to clean and has a cute Snoopy design that will intrigue people to cook every day!

9. Mini Planter

Mini Planter

This unique mini planter has a Snoopy head as its design. The item has an artificial plant to give a little greenery to a home. So, this mini planter with a Snoopy head design will be an ideal gift for your best friends who love simple and minimalist home decoration with Snoopy motifs. 

10. Wind Chime

Wind Chime

Help your best friend to show their love for Snoopy by giving this Snoopy wind chime as a special gift. It is made of lightweight metal that will automatically chime when there are strong winds. It will be the cutest wind chime your friend has ever seen!

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Snoopy Gifts for Her

Here are more items you can consider as a Snoopy gift for your girlfriend! A plush that can be hugged every night, a nylon bag that can be used as a shopping bag, or a stylish Snoopy rattan bag! They all have affordable prices, so check them out while they still last!

11. Snoopy Phone Case

Snoopy Phone Case

It’s always exciting to have our favorite character become our phone protector. This Snoopy phone case materials are silicone, so they can be easily attached or unattached. Most importantly, they can protect your phone from scratch or fall damage. The case’s surface is also dustproof, so it won’t stain! Your girlfriend will love it.

12. Small Cuddly Snoopy Plush

Snoopy Gifts

Maybe the most basic Snoopy gift, but this Snoopy plush is definitely the favorite Snoopy gift for Snoopy lovers! Your girlfriend can hug it when she is sleeping at night, or it can become her companion when she takes a nap. Thanks to its soft materials, your soulmate will feel comfortable while hugging the Snoopy plush!

13. Snoopy Foldable Nylon Bag

Snoopy Gifts

This nylon bag will make handy Snoopy-related memorabilia for your girlfriend, who often goes for groceries. She can use it in her daily activities to show her love for the adorable character. Moreover, you can choose one from two pattern options. It also has a compact size and is foldable, which is perfect as a little Snoopy gift for her. 

14. Snoopy Earrings

Snoopy Gifts

These Snoopy earrings are both fashionable and cute. Your girlfriend would definitely want to wear them, especially if she is a hardcore fan of the iconic dog. There are up to 10 colors available, so you can get one based on her preference. Moreover, the earrings are high-quality because of their excellent 3D printing manufacturing process.

15. Handmade Rattan Bag

Snoopy Gifts

If your girlfriend loves collecting bags, this rattan bag with a Snoopy design will make the loveliest gift for her! The item is made of 100% eco-friendly and natural rattan, so it is not just beautiful but also good for the earth. She can bring the bag when you go on a date to the beach or park!

16. Snoopy Bracelet

Snoopy Gifts

Looking cute and stylish is every girl’s dream. So, why don’t you give this Snoopy bracelet to your girlfriend? Each of the gemstones of this bracelet has Snoopy characters in it, so fans of the lovely series would want to wear it on various occasions. Put this item into your shopping cart now and give it to your girlfriend, who loves Snoopy!

17. Women Slippers

Women Slippers

These cute and stylish Snoopy Slippers are perfect to wear at home. It provides comfort because the slippers are made of good-quality synthetic soles and mixed textiles. Moreover, these Snoopy slippers are guaranteed to be 100% original, so they will make a suitable gift for her!

Snoopy Gifts for Him

Men can love Snoopy too! So, here we have several items to recommend, such as funny socks to keep them warm. There are also block toys and puzzles, which are great for those who love solving problems and activities that involve thinking. Let’s check them out before they are sold out! 

18. Funny Snoopy Socks

Snoopy Gifts

Here is something that will be suitable for every male Snoopy fan. This pair of Snoopy socks will make the perfect companion in cold winter seasons. The socks are made of high-quality combed cotton to give warmth to everyone who wears it. Shall we get this pair of socks as Snoopy gifts for him?

19. Snoopy Block Toy

Snoopy Gifts

Your Snoopy collection is not complete until you own this Snoopy block toy. It makes a perfect gift for your male friends who love making lego dioramas. Build up the blocks for our beloved Snoopy and put them in your Snoopy collection cupboard or desk! 

20. Snoopy Dog Hoodie

Snoopy Gifts

Snoopy is such a chill dog, so it is also popular among male audiences. Surprise your male friend with this stylish  Snoopy hoodie in black! He can wear it on any occasion, such as going to college, school, or for casual lunch. It features machine-washable material and excellent quality Snoopy print that won’t fade!

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21. Snoopy Pop Up Gift Card

No products found.

The simplest and unique Snoopy gift is this pop-up birthday card! A gift won’t be complete without surprise. If perhaps you consider giving a chocolate box or plush, you can add this card inside the box to provide it with more surprise! Check this out before it’s sold out!

22. Bed Cover

Bed Cover

For Snoopy lovers, this bed cover set includes a pillow cover, duvet cover, and bedsheet. They are made of high-quality cotton, providing comfy padding for your slumber. They are also easy to care for and machine-washable. Therefore, we recommend this set of Snoopy bed covers as a gift to cheer him up!

23. Snoopy with Woodstock

Snoopy with Woodstock

For Snoopy lovers, this Snoopy with Woodstock figurine is a must-have item! It is made of high-quality resin and hand-painted thoroughly to give an elegant look. Moreover, it has a medium size, 17 cm more or less, so it will be perfect as a Snoopy gift for Snoopy lovers. They can put it on the desk or in their special collection cupboard. 

24. Jigsaw Puzzle


If you are looking for another puzzle as a gift, consider this jigsaw puzzle in the Snoopy special edition. Solving puzzles is always exciting! This edition is about a wedding, so it will be very interesting for sure. Therefore, we add this item to a list of amazing Snoopy gifts to give to our boy best friend who loves solving problems! 

25. Desk Tidy Organizer

Snoopy Gifts

It is always good to have our desk or room organized. This Snoopy organizer will help your best friend organize things on his desk better. With its cute comic strip design available in 4 colors, the item full of Snoopy characters will be great as a Snoopy gift for your male best friend. 

Latest Post:

What is Snoopy known for?

Snoopy is known for a cute and happy white dog. He was created by Charles M. Schulz as a dog that is funny and loyal, sometimes he does a ‘happy dance’ which annoys Lucy (another character) because she never finds anyone can ever be that happy. 

Why do they call him Snoopy?

Actually, the original Snoopy writer wants to call the happy dog Sniffy. Unfortunately, the name has been used in other comic strips, so the Snoopy name was created after Charles’ Mom gave an inspiration that if their family got another new dog, it would be Snoopy. 

What are Snoopy’s favorite things?

Snoopy loves to sleep and be lazy. These habits annoy another character in the cartoon called Frieda. Snoopy is known to love lying down on his doghouse roof. Moreover, Snoopy is not like other beagles! He loves books and fine art. Also, he is a collector of root beer connoisseurs.  

What are the best snoopy gifts for adults?

Best Snoopy gifts for adults can be something that can be helpful and provide happiness. So, we are recommending a Snoopy bed cover that can provide comfort during sleep at night, a Snoopy rattan bag and Snoopy bracelet to keep looking stylish, or a Snoopy organizer to help the adults organize their desks. Other than that, for people who love cooking, we recommend Snoopy Spatula which provides cuteness to entertain people while cooking. A Dustproof Snoopy phone case can be a great gift idea so they can be accompanied by their favorite cartoon. 

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