25 Lovely and Cool Gifts for Economists

Money sounds so intriguing to all of us. However, learning to deep dive about economics and its theories is not as fun as it seems. There is going to be a lot of mathematics involved too. That’s the reason why economics professors and economics teachers are underrated professions. They have to deal with students who probably don’t understand a word that they said! Hence, finding some gifts for economists might not seem like such a bad idea. However, giving it to real-life economists that you know is also a great idea. As economists need to deal with numbers, charts, and statistics every day, it’s not a bad thing to find gifts for economists to cheer them up. 

Gifts for economists come in various forms, and it doesn’t have to be directly related to their jobs either! There are some funny items that can increase their spirit, while other gifts for economists are perfect for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Let’s try and take a look at some of the best items on our list of gifts for economists!

Funny Gifts for Economists

Economics professors probably have more of a burden than students to try and teach the lesson in an understandable way. The same can be said for economists, as they need to focus and pay attention to certain data. Therefore, they are going to need some cheering up to do, and hopefully it can be done with these funny gifts for economists. 

1. Charty Party Game

Charty Party Game

Economics teachers love statistics and charts. Therefore, a good game idea is something that closely resembles their passion. Enter: Charty Party Game! It is a game that can be enjoyed with a lover, friend, or other family member. Here, a judge will choose a card with a missing Y-axis, and other players need to choose cards that “fill in the blank” and have funny implications. 

2. F in Exams

F in Exams

When you think about it, an economics professor probably deals with failed students just as much as a science professor. Therefore, you can give this hilarious book as part of your gifts for economists. It will be great for Christmas or birthday, as it contains 250 true life responses to common test questions that can make them laugh all day. 

3. Nerd Teacher Socks

Nerd Teacher Socks

Normally, you would want to find cool socks as stylish gifts for a lover or friend. But if you want to find funny gifts for economists, please seriously consider these nerd socks. The design and quote are very relatable to their profession! However, the material of the sock makes it very comfortable to wear

4. The Davos Theory Shirt

The Davos Theory Shirt

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. However, what happened in Davos will definitely affect the world, and most economics teachers know about it. It’s practically the reason why you should buy this funny shirt as gifts for economists. Aside from the hilarious quote, the shirt is also made from ringspun cotton for your comfort. 

5. Monopoly: Cheaters Edition

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Monopoly is probably one of the best games that economists love. But we bet that they probably haven’t tried the latest cheaters edition, where rules are bent and funny businesses are allowed. They can certainly enjoy this funny and cool game with a lover, friends, and family members during a game night or even at Christmas. 

6. Economists Coloring Book

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Did you know why this funny economist book is perfect as a birthday gift? The answer is simple: it contains 29 decorative designs and 13 themed quotes that can help release some stress from an economist’s mind. Besides that, the pages can be cut and removed to be used as cool, personalized gifts!

7. Economists Joke Book

Economists Joke Book

If you feel that economics teachers don’t have the time to doodle and color books, then perhaps reading some funny ones might be great as gifts for economists. Inside, they will find funny and cool economist jokes that can make their day! Go and buy one now while stock lasts. 

8. Beware of Economists Mug

Beware of Economists Mug

You must be terrified to make financial conversation with an economist, because they will probably lecture you about investment decisions. Therefore, it’s going to be funny to give this hilarious mug to them! Besides the funny quote, it is also durable and strong, making it perfect for Christmas and birthday gifts.

Display Gifts for Economists

Display gifts are a great idea for economics teachers and economists, because those items can reflect their passion towards the economy. On this list, you will be able to choose from a selection of cool display gifts for economists, like wall arts and even plants!

9. Bad-ass Economists

Bad-ass Economists

No matter how cruel your economists might look, they are still experts at their job, and you should applaud that. Perhaps, these awesome decal stickers might be great gifts for economists for their birthday. They’ll get three stickers that can be sticked on their PC, office desk, and many other places. 

10. Miniature Forest

Miniature Forest

If you have a lover who works as an economics professor, you probably want to make sure that they can handle the burden of teaching difficult students. Studies have shown that looking and taking care of plants might reduce some stress, which is why this cool miniature forest. Inside, it contains everything needed to cultivate a grove of miniature trees!

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11. Karl Marx Portrait

Karl Marx Portrait

Karl Marx was renowned for his famous economics theories. We’re pretty sure that all economics teachers have referenced him at least once during a class. Therefore, what better way to celebrate a Christmas (or even their birthday) other than giving this beautiful wall art for them to display at home?

12. Personalized Economists Caricature

Personalized Economists Caricature

Behold, one of the best gifts for economists, ever! If your lover works as an economist, then you might want to celebrate their birthday by giving something sweet and personal. Perhaps, having a cool caricature of them working (and making money, judging by the illustration) will be a sweet gesture for them!

13. John Maynard Keynes Figure

John Maynard Keynes Figure

John Maynard Keynes was a famous British economist whose ideas and theories helped shape the world of modern economics. It’ll be a great idea to hand this lovely figure to your economist friend. Perhaps in their darkest hours, they can see the figure of Keynes and be motivated!

14. Economist Definition

Economist Definition

Economists always brag about financial predictions through stats. It can be right, but there are some instances when their predictions are very far off the table. That’s the reason why this funny wall art is a perfect gift for Christmas. It will definitely be a good decoration that is able to put a smile on your economics professor’s face. 

15. Best Economist Plaque

Best Economist Plaque

Have you ever wondered what will happen when you try to search for the best economist with Google? Here’s a little hint: it’s your economist friend (who might also be working as an economist teacher).  Furthermore, you can customize and add their name and picture on this lovely and funny plaque!

16. COVID-19 Market Art

COVID-19 Market Art

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic caused huge damage to the global economy. As bad as it seems, this visual context is still a great display gift idea for an economics professor. The cool wall art was printed with museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper to ensure longevity!

17. Vintage Financial Chart

Vintage Financial Chart

If you want a larger and grander wall art in the form of financial charts, then please take a look at these beautiful and cool posters! The chart shows economic expansions and contractions, inflation and deflation, asset prices, and many other aspects for over a period of 168 years! It is all printed on 16×80 inches high-quality paper. 

18. Thank You Doll

Thank You Doll

Simple gifts for economists can also hold powerful meaning if we really meant it. If you have a lover that works as an economist, it might be good to give this lovely bear as a gesture to show your love and support. Who knows, perhaps the cute appearance might increase their morale and make them work harder!

Awesome Gifts for Economics

Hold on and don’t leave us yet, because we still have a lot of gifts for economists that you can consider. Although some of the items aren’t directly related to their job, these cool items can still act as great gifts for certain occasions, like birthdays and Christmas. 

19. Outsmart an Economist?

Outsmart an Economist?

Economics teachers, like all other lecturers, love to broaden their knowledge and challenge themselves. Therefore, you can reward this cool book as a birthday gift for them! Inside the magnificent book, they will find challenging puzzles and mysteries and how to solve them. Let the games begin. 

20. Give, Save, Spend Bank

Give, Save, Spend Bank

An economist must have been mumbling around about saving your money. Well, that’s the reason why it would be nice (and probably funny) to give this amazing banking box to them. They can put their coins inside three different sections that depend on the purpose. It is truly one of the best gifts for economists that suits the Christmas spirit!

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21. Punching Bag Stress Reliever

Punching Bag Stress Reliever

When you have a lover who works as an economist, you must be prepared to face their wrath at home. However, you can also help them by giving them a cool punching bag as a stress reliever. Now, they can just hit this bag and release all the emotions without unleashing it on you!

22. Walmart Gift Card

Walmart Gift Card

Economists always talk about saving your money. However, it is also a good idea to spend some of them, once in a while. It’s practically the reason why we’re recommending this amazing gift card! Now, they can have some money at their expense to shop for items that they truly like. 

23. Supply & Demand Shirt

Supply _ Demand Shirt

The law of supply and demand is one of the most common economics theories in the world. Every economics professor must have spoken about it at least once in each semester. Therefore, you can buy this cool-looking shirt for them. They can even wear it on a casual occasion for their off day. 

24. Mouse Pad and Wrist Support

Mouse Pad and Wrist Support

An economist or economics professor is required to browse through their computer and analyze data all day long. In order to prevent any injuries, you can hand them this adorable mouse pad. It has an amazing wrist support design for smooth and comfortable operation, should they want to “play” with their mouse all day long. 

25. Handwritten Message Money Clip

Handwritten Message Money Clip

If you want to find a cool and simple personalized gift for economics teachers, then this particular money clip might be the perfect item. If your lover doesn’t like to travel with wallets, then simply use this money clip to store a small amount of cash! Plus, you can also write personal and handwritten messages to be engraved on the clip. 

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