25 Royal Gucci Gifts for Men

If you have already watched the movie masterpiece “House of Gucci”, you probably will learn to appreciate the iconic brand even more. In fact, Gucci is a highly established luxury fashion brand from Italy that has been releasing cool products since 1921. The history of the Royal Gucci brand is very unique and dramatic, but we’ll let the movie explain it for you.

 As a leading brand for fashion, Gucci is highly sought by men and women alike. For men, you can find a lot of cool products like watches, trousers, and even sunglasses. If you’re looking to find special presents for your boyfriend, we definitely recommend you to find Gucci gifts for men. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best Royal Gucci gifts for men. You will find cool and unique Gucci products and other Gucci-related items that you can buy for your partner. 

Vintage Royal Gucci Gifts for Men

Since 1921, Gucci has been releasing top-notch products for people to enjoy. Therefore, there’s a lot of vintage Royal Gucci items that you can find as Gucci gifts for men. Let’s look at some of the best vintage Gucci gifts for men below. 

1. Vintage Gucci Striped Trouser

Vintage Gucci Striped Trouser

The 1990s turns out to be one of the best decades in human history. Grunge music, action movies, and of course: the fashion style are some of the things that create the greatness of the 1990s. In terms of fashion, this vintage Royal Gucci striped trouser was released in the 90s. If you’re looking for a nice Gucci gift for your partner, you should buy this to add to his collection. 

2. Vintage Gucci Belt with Dust Bag

Vintage Gucci Belt with Dust Bag

Journey back through time with this vintage Gucci belt. This is a pre-owned item, but it’s still in pristine condition. If your partner’s waist measures 32, then this belt would be perfect for him. Go and get this cool belt before others swoop in. 

3. Vintage Royal Gucci Belt Size 110/44

Vintage Gucci Belt Size 110_44

If you’re looking for another alternative of a Royal Gucci belt, this one might satisfy you. Sized 110/44, this belt was made in 2002. Just look at its fabulous design and imagine it circling through your partner’s waist. 

4. 90s Gucci Jacket

90s Gucci Jacket

Gucci in the 1990s has released some cool items. Aside from the cool trouser that we mentioned previously, you have the option to consider this cool jacket, too. This jacket is in excellent condition, and it will be perfect to keep your boyfriend’s warm during cold weather. 

5. Vintage Gucci Gold Watch

Vintage Gucci Gold Watch

Men love to wear expensive watches on their wrist. If you really love your boyfriend, then you should buy this item as part of your Royal Gucci gifts for men. This is a very rare Gucci watch that’s made out of gold. You really do not want to miss out on this!

6. Vintage Gucci 80s Coat

Vintage Gucci 80s Coat

If you’re looking for a more vintage Gucci items, then you can consider buying this awesome Royal Gucci sports coat. It is well-kept in an excellent condition, and it can be used for various occasions

7. Gucci Relax Trouser

Gucci Relax Trouser

When you’re trying to have some leisure time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear something fashionable, too. In fact, we’re going to recommend this cool relaxation trouser for you. It is made from comfortable material that will make you relax even further. 

8. Gucci Vintage Aftershave Gel

Gucci Vintage Aftershave Gel

There are men who shave their facial hair with an electric shaver. However, if your man is one of those old-fashioned guys who shave with razors and aftershave gels, then you should buy him this vintage Royal Gucci gel. This vintage item is still sealed and hard to find. So grab this rare item now!

Exclusive and Elegant Vintage Royal Gucci Gifts for Men

If you’re looking for more modern-looking items to fit your boy’s fashion style, then you’re in the right place. On this list, we’re going to be listing some of the best Gucci gifts for men with elegant style. Come and take a look for yourself!

9. Royal Gucci Men Polo

Gucci Men Polo

Let’s start off our list with this amazing polo. Gucci is not known for producing polo shirts, but they sure rock with this item. This is an official item that has been kept beautifully. We’re sure that your man will love this shirt.

10. Gucci Grey Rectangular Glasses

Gucci Grey Rectangular Glasses

Real men will look cool while wearing sunglasses. You can show your loving partner that he can be cool too, by buying this beautiful sunglass for him. Don’t mind the price tag, because you can’t put a price on love and fashion! 

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11. Gucci Set of Men’s Care

gucci gifts for men

This particular gift set is really beautiful and elegant. You can buy this set for a special occasion. Inside, your loving boyfriend will find aftershave balm and awesome Gucci shampoo. They can’t look any better after using these items. 

12. Gucci Red and Green Blade Shirt

gucci gifts for men

Rock out to any casual activities with this awesome shirt by Gucci. With this awesome shirt, your awesome boyfriend can do anything he wants, while still maintaining their cool appearance. Plus, this shirt is super comfortable. 

13. Gucci Signature Fold Wallet

gucci gifts for men

Women aren’t the only ones who love to buy fancy wallets. In fact, men should also collect cool wallets as a testament to their fashion taste. For that reason, we thought that this cool Gucci fold wallet will be sufficient for your man. 

14. Royal Gucci Men’s Ace Sneakers

gucci gifts for men

When you try to find cool sneakers, you often tend to find brands like Nike and Adidas. However, you shouldn’t overlook Gucci, because this cool sneaker feels like a testament made by Gucci, and you should seriously consider this to add to your man’s growing sneakers collection. 

15. Gucci Perfume Set

gucci gifts for men

Here is another cool Gucci gift that you can consider too. This item will be perfect if your man loves to collect perfumes and use them daily. Inside, he can find one Gucci Pour Homme. We guarantee that he will like the smell as well as the bottle display.

16. Gucci Toilette Spray

gucci gifts for men

Here is another option for your man’s perfume collection. If he likes a lighter smell in perfumes, then you might want to give this item instead. It is packaged nicely in an elegant box, too. You won’t regret buying this lovely item for him. 

17. Royal Gucci Iron Ring

gucci gifts for men

Whoever thought that men don’t like to wear band rings need to think twice. In fact, Gucci has released this fancy iron ring for men, and it looks awesome! This is an extremely rare item, so do not wait and buy it immediately. 

18. Royal Gucci Leather Watch

gucci gifts for men

Previously, we have mentioned a vintage Gucci gold watch that you may be interested in. However, if you want a newer model, you might fancy this item instead. Its three-color tone concept makes this watch more appealing. 

19. Authentic Gucci Sweatshirt

gucci gifts for men

This Sweatshirts can be used for various occasions. You can use it for light sports, for a walk in the park, for running errands, or simply any occasion you like. If you want to give a Gucci sweatshirt, then this is the best option available. It will fit perfectly on your man. 

Cheap Royal Gucci Gifts for Men

As a luxurious fashion brand, Gucci is known to sell expensive items. However, if you’re looking for affordable options, you can take a look at our list of Gucci gifts for men down below. Before you proceed, please note that some of the items below are not released by Gucci. However, due to their price and relation, we’re still going to include them. 

20. Men’s Aftershave Balm

gucci gifts for men

We have mentioned some aftershave balm before. Fortunately, Gucci has also released a more affordable aftershave balm for you. Please take a look and buy some if you’re interested. 

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21. Authentic Gucci Blue Amour Denim Jeans Pants

gucci gifts for men

Cheap items don’t always mean that they’re bad. In fact, you can still afford this vintage Gucci jeans in a more reasonable price. Of course it won’t look as good as the ones mentioned before. But hey, Gucci never releases any bad products.

22. Gucci Pour Homme Set of 3

gucci gifts for men

Would you look at that? Three pieces of Gucci perfumes with an affordable price tag. This perfumes set is perfect if your boyfriend is really wasteful in wearing perfumes. Don’t worry, he does that to impress you!

23. Father and Son of Gucci Hoodie

gucci gifts for men

This hoodie is for those of you who love the movie “House of Gucci”. Although this item is not an official item released by Gucci, it will still look cool on you. Go buy one for your boyfriend now! 

24. Gucci and Vaccinated

gucci gifts for men

The topic of vaccination has been a debate that splits the world into two factions. If you believe that vaccinations are necessary, then you should really buy this cool shirt. It’s got a fun design that will further promote your agenda. Show that being vaccinated is cool and elegant, just like Gucci. 

25. Vintage Gucci Cologne Samples

gucci gifts for men

Before discussing this cool item more, we should let you know that this item is a sample product. Despite that fact, it’s still cool to own one and add it to the perfume collection. Truly a unique item!

Final Thoughts

Being such as well known brand, Gucci has become a brand that offers quality, design, and durability. It is one of the most popular brands among fashion-minded people, and will make a great gift for a man who always make sure his look is on point from head to toe. Therefore, if you are looking for a special Gucci gift for a special man in your life, we have the most recommended Gucci items for you. Make sure you check them all, and make him feel more confident with his new Gucci gift from you.

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