27 Awesome Gifts for Softball Players To Show Your Support

Softball is similar to baseball, but there are slight differences between them. They use bats, balls, pitching, and a similar-looking field, yet there are some subtle distinctions. For instance, bats in baseball are longer than the ones in softball. Balls in softball are yellow with red stitching and bigger than baseball’s white ball with red stitching. Even if they are different, softball players are considered as professional as baseball players.

If you are looking for gifts for softball players, be happy because you found us! Here we will share the best awesome gifts for softball players. We include some items featuring DIY characteristics, unique designs, and customization. Whether it is for the hitter or the pitcher, the following items would be excellent for them. We also provide gifts recommendation for female softball players and male softball players. Be ready, and let’s get to the list!

Universal Gifts for Softball Players

Softball can be played by any gender. So we prepare some gifts that can be given to both genders. Do you have a favorite softball and want to give them the best gifts? If you are looking for gifts for softball players that you can give for both girl and boy players, brace yourself because we have compiled those awesome gifts on the list below. 

1. Softballs


The iconic yellow ball is the main character needed in playing and practicing softball. Giving softballs as gifts to softball players would show how you appreciate their games and want to see them improve their playing skills. Give them dozens of these softballs for your beloved softball player! It will allow them to do more practice in playing softball either with a team or self-practice. Grab them fast and show your support!

2. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Water is needed by every person daily to keep the body well hydrate. Especially for people who do sport or athlete, their body needs more water every time they practice their game. Thus, encourage your favorite softball players to be well hydrated both during the game and in their daily by giving them this water bottle as a gift. They will remember how much you support them by doing what they love every time they drink from this water bottle.

3. Pair of Shoes

Pair of Shoes

Having a pair of good shoes is integral part of being softball players. It is because the better the shoes, the better players can control their body movement and not lose balance when running. The quality of shoes can help your favorite softball players to reach a new record and beat their own records. Consider giving them a pair of shoes to give them support in improving their skill and games, and let them shine on the field.

4. Pair of Socks 

Pair of Socks 

Wearing sports shoes would require a pair of socks that will help softball players to keep their feet from any injuries and frictions from the inner part of the shoes. This is one of the awesome gifts for softball players that protect and give comfort the players in playing softball. These socks cover the players’ lower legs and will give a comfortable compression feeling to their feet. The pair of socks will hug the players’ feet long enough in keeping them away from blisters.

5. Hat


Playing softball is done in a hot open field so players can spot the softball and hitting it precisely. The bright sun might burn the skin, especially the face and head area. Consider this hat to be included in your list of gifts for softball players to support them in playing their favorite game. Grab it soon and help them to cover their head and faces with this hat!

6. Personalized Softball Keychain 

Personalized Softball Keychain

Give your favorite softball player this personalized softball keychain as a customized gift for them. They can take it anywhere with them and it can even be used as their ID in their bag and key. You can customize the color, number, name, and year on this keychain and this personalized softball gift can be for female as well as for male players. You can give this not only to one player but to the whole team members!

7. Knee Protector

Knee Protector

Knees and legs play a very important role in softball games. It is imperative for softball players to stand strong and run fast on the field. However, moving fast raises more possibilities to get injuries and harm their knees and legs.

To support your beloved softball players, you can give them this knee protector as a gift. It is not just a gift, but also a warm caring gesture. Imagine how they will remember you anytime they wear this knee protector and understand that there is someone who cares for their safety in playing softball. 

8. Softball Practice Set

Softball Practice Set

Softball players do not always play on the field with a full team because they may have their practice schedules. But what if your favorite softball player wants to practice alone? Well, give them this softball practice set that allows them to do practice at home or in a small space by themselves. Consider giving them this softball practice set which consists of a net, batting tee, and carry bag. The set will provide them with anything they need in practicing safely. 

9. Personalized Softball Phone Case

Personalized Softball Phone Case

Smartphones nowadays are a must-have device by every adult or even adolescents. It sticks to them wherever they go, likewise your favorite softball players will also have one. They need a phone case to protect their phone from scratches, and any other external damages, especially when they are outside playing softball.

Show your support and care by giving them this personalized softball phone case that they can bring to do practices, matches, and anywhere they go with their smartphone. 

10. Customized Softball Towel

Customized Softball Towel

When you love what you are doing, you probably want to show your passion in any of your daily things. For softball players, a personalized softball bath towel would be a great thing to have especially when the towel has their favorite things printed on it. Find out what is the greatest thing your favorite softball player loves and print it on this customized bath towel. They will surely love it and wear it anytime they need it.

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11. Personalized Softball Hand Towel

Personalized Softball Hand Towel

Playing softball might be tiring and makes the players sweat a lot. They will need a soft hand towel to wipe all of their sweat away. This personalized softball hand towel is on the list of mindful gifts for softball players.

After all it can be very personal because you can personalize it with custom color and name embroidered on it. It is an awesome personalized softball gift you can give to your favorite softball player. Get it immediately and show your support!

12. Bomb Bath

Bomb Bath

One of the most unique gifts for softball players is this softball boom bath. It is made in the form of a softball with its sewing details but it will give a cute bubbling in your bathtub. Imagine how fun it is for adolescent softball players to have this softball boom bath in their bathing routine? It must be highly enjoyable for them. This softball boom bath will be a unique gift for them that would bring enjoyment into their bathroom.

13. Softball Car Freshener

Softball Car Freshener

Who would even think about a softball-shaped car freshener? This is a unique gift for softball players. It comes with a sweet vanilla scent that will give a fresh smell, not only in the car, but also in a bedroom, bathroom, and wardrobe if you need it. Get this softball car freshener as a pitcher gift for your favorite softball players and let them enjoy the sweet vanilla scent in their spaces. 

14. Softball Hooded Fleece Blanket

Softball Hooded Fleece Blanket

Blankets usually come in a square flat form but sometimes we need a little hood to cover our head when the weather is getting cold. Thus, this unique gift in our list might be wonderful for your favorite softball players. It is a personalized softball hooded fleece blanket that is soft and can be customized in color and name printed on it. Give it as a personalized softball gift and make them feel warm!

15. Personalized Softball Two-Toned Pillow

Personalized Softball Two Toned Pillow

Laying their head on a soft pillow or just hugging it will give a relaxing feeling for your favorite softball players when they are home. This unique pillow comes with two-toned colors that can change color when you rub it.

Imagine that you can customize the soft pillow with your friend’s name printed on it and choose their favorite color. It must be a memorable gift for them. Get this personalized softball two-toned pillow as gifts for softball players now!

16. Can Holder

Can Holder

Drinking canned beverages will be more enjoyable when it is drunk cold, especially while watching a softball match. But holding a cold can might be uncomfortable or even hurt your hand. Thus, this can holder can be a great solution for that. Moreover, you can customize it with any design you have. Consider giving this can holder to your softball player and help them enjoy drinking their favorite canned beverages.

17. Personalized Softball Bookmark

Personalized Softball Bookmark

Are you looking for gifts for softball players who love reading books? Or softball players who are students that need bookmarks to keep track of their book? This personalized softball bookmark is on our list and would be very useful for them.

The bookmark is a handmade product made of high-quality metal that can be customized with any letter and the choice of sports ball. When you give this personalized bookmark to them, you are also supporting their academics while putting their lovely softball in it. 

Gifts for Girl Softball Players

A gift will be more special when it matches the receiver’s gender. Girls tend to be more intuitive and sensitive with gifts, especially when it comes to memorable and heartfelt gifts. So, if you are looking for gifts for your girl softball player, you will surely find the most heartfelt gifts on our list. For your special female softball player, we have collected the best choices of gifts. Check these out! 

18. Good Luck Necklace

Good Luck Necklace

Girls and accessories are inseparable, even when the girls are softball players and love sports. This good luck necklace will be a wonderful gift for a girl who loves sports as a charm for her and a great encouragement to win the game.

This necklace comes with a simple look but who can guess that this necklace is made of 14k white gold over stainless steel that would shine brightly for a long time. It was made in the form of a gorgeous love knot as a symbol of strength, love, and fortitude. What wonderful values to be possessed by your favorite softball player.

19. Softball and Baseball Tote Bag

Softball and Baseball Tote Bag

Girls need bags to store their belongings, big and small. It is a necessary thing to be easier in grabbing anything they need. It also might be helpful for your favorite softball players who need to bring enough things wherever they go or for any purpose with keeping their style.

This half softball half baseball tote bag is a great choice to be a gift for her with a combination of yellow softball and white baseball. Get it for your favorite softball players and let them be in style!

20. Softball Earrings

Softball Earrings

Another accessory for girls who love softball is this surgical steel softball earring which is cute and appealing anywhere she goes. With its yellow color, your favorite softball players will look bright and happy. It comes in 3 sizes; those are 7mm, 10mm, and 12mm, and is made of surgical steel which is safe for their ears.

Put these softball earrings in your gifts for softball players list and choose the best size for them. Let them win and shine together on the field!

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21. Hair Streamer

Hair Streamer

If your favorite softball players have a ponytail, this hair streamer will give more colors to her lovely ponytail. Shiny and colorful hair streamers can add more sensation to the spectators, leaving them frozen and stunned by your favorite softball player’s charm. Each streamer comes with an elastic hair band and various ribbons. Give your favorite softball player this hair streamer by choosing the best colors for them.  

22. Headband


Give your best girl this headband to help them hold their hair and keep her hair tidy while playing softball. This headband is made of a good quality ribbon and adjustable for adults as well as adolescents.

Its yellow color with a beautiful softball detail will be a great gift to support your favorite softball player in doing their best match. Wearing this headband while playing or practicing softball will help them get a clearer vision and not be disturbed by their hair. Get this one fast and show your sincere support!

23. Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

Makeup is important in any condition and occasion including before doing a match for softball players. Wearing makeup can help girls in showing their best fresh and pleasant look to their team members and all spectators. Thus, you can give them this makeup bag as a gift for them because they will need this to store their makeup.

Besides, this bag is made in a proper size that can also be used by your favorite softball player as storage of anything they need. It was designed with yellow color and two printed red sewing details of softball that show how much they love softball. Grab it fast and give your favorite softball players the best gifts they could get.

Gifts for Male Softball Players

When girls tend to be more sensitive and intuitive with their most memorable and heartfelt gifts, males usually loves physical gifts that have unique, strong, and good-looking designs. They prefer something that can increase their confidence or give a sign of uniqueness that no one can do better than him. Make sure that you give them the best gifts they would love and be happy about.

24. Personalized Home Plate Wall Art

Personalized Home Plate Wall Art

The home plate in softball is a five-sided piece of rubber placed in the front of the catcher’s box and between the two batter’s boxes. It is a sign of base where the softball player who plays as the batter hit the ball and must go back. It also can be a sign of a safe place to be.

This personalized home plate wall art that is made of wood will be a great gift for male softball players because they can put it in their room with their own name and number on it. Get them this personalized home plate wall art immediately!

25. Softball Bucket Hat

Softball Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is genderless but a male wearing it looks sharply good-looking. Especially a male who is a softball player wearing a yellow softball bucket hat, it will surely be adorable. Give your favorite male softball player this softball bucket hat that they can wear on any casual occasion or even summer party.

This is a great hat that suits their style and shows how much they love softball. Including this in your gifts for softball players list would be a great decision to support your beloved male softball player in doing their favorite game.

26. Softball Sweater

Softball Sweater

Any cool man looks even cooler when they wear a sweater because sweaters emit their fascination out of their body to everyone who is looking at them. Consider this softball sweater to be a gift for softball players that would be a support for them in playing softball. It also has softball printed on it to let people know that he is a great softball player of the season. Grab this sweater as a gift for them and let them show the world how much they love softball. 

27. Pair of Pants 

Pair of Pants

Wearing a comfortable pair of pants when playing softball is crucial for softball players. Thus, you can consider giving your favorite softball player this pair of pants for their practice to feel more comfortable. This also can be worn by them anytime they feel they need to wear long breathable pants, such as when they are doing light exercise or jogging. Give this as the best gift for softball players and support their game. 

latest post:

What are the best gifts for girl softball players?

Girls who love wearing accessories would love accessories as gifts, but the best gift the girl softball players can get is a good luck necklace. Girls tend to have strong feelings and intuition which leads to a good game. 

What are the best gifts for male softball players?

For male softball players, the personalized home plate wall art will be the best gift for them. It is because the home plate wall art is a sign of base or home where they can feel safe and comfortable. Also, it comes with their name and personal details which makes it unique and the only one.

What are the best-personalized softball gifts?

As a universal gift that can be given to both genders, the best-personalized softball gift would be the personalized hand towel. It is simply because they need a hand towel to wipe their sweat both during practice and match more than they need any other personalized gifts. 

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