25 Vintage Ghostbusters Toys

Who are you going to call when you have a problem with ghosts and paranormal things? Of course: Ghostbusters! Since its first movie in 1984, the series’ popularity has skyrocketed. From Venkman to Winston, there are many different characters that you may like. Even now, new members are being introduced to the latest movies. Consequently, the demand for vintage Ghostbusters toys has also risen dramatically.

Thanks to the vast selection of likable characters and accessories, we get to see a lot of cool Ghostbusters toys. Since the first movie, manufacturers have released different kinds of Ghostbusters toys and action figures. Let’s take a look at some of the best vintage Ghostbusters toys that you want to consider buying. Some of these are really worth collecting!

Are Old Ghostbusters Toys Worth Anything?

Vintage toys, if they are kept carefully, will always have an added value. People will certainly buy rare vintage Ghostbusters toys that are still in mint condition, or even better, still sealed in the box. But the value really depends on the seller and buyer, as a price can go up due to the sentimental value that the seller holds towards the item.

Vintage Ghostbusters Action Figure

There are a lot of different Ghostbusters action figures that you can choose. You will see some variations of your favorite Ghostbusters characters like Peter Venkman and Raymond Stantz. Let’s take a look at some of the best vintage Ghostbusters toys and action figures below. 

1. Complete Ghostbusters PVC Set

Complete Ghostbusters PVC Set

This PVC is a rare set made in Spain. If you’d like to buy an all-in-one package, then this might just be the right item for you. It contains 13 magnificent PVC minifigures from your favorite Ghostbusters movie and series. You can display these figures on your desk to accompany you while working!

2. Playmobil Building Set: Egon Spengler

Playmobil Building Set

Here comes Egon Spengler: the “new wave Mr. Spock” at your service! He is the brain behind many cool Ghostbusters weapons. Now, you can bring him to life with this cool building set. You can also choose four different ghosts that Egon is going to capture!

3. Playmobil Vintage Ghostbusters Set

Playmobil Ghostbusters Set

Playmobil also released another cool Ghostbusters merchandise for you. You can collect all of the four original Ghostbusters in a Lego-like minifigure with this set. Don’t forget to check it out, as the stock may run out fast. 

4. Vintage Ghostbusters of Tracy and Eddie Spenser

Tracy and Eddie Spenser Set

Tracy and Eddie Spenser are two of the best characters to come out of the Filmation version of the Ghostbusters series. Here, you will find the pair in the form of cool vintage toys. These were released a long time ago, which means that the figures are so rare! Buy it now if you’re interested. 

5. Mattel Walter Peck Figure

Mattel Walter Peck Figure

Walter Peck is an investigator from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who has been a constant disturbance for the ghostbusters. However, if you like his ambitious and narcissistic demeanor, you probably should collect this Walter Peck figure! This is truly one of the best vintage Ghostbusters toys.

6. Diamond Select Slimer Action Figure

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In the Ghostbusters franchise, you won’t find any entity that is more recognizable than Slimer. Indeed, this green creature has appeared in several movies and TV shows that he has become a fan-favorite. If you also adore him, you can buy this cool Slimer Action figure

7. Marshmallow Man – Vintage Ghostbusters Figurine

Marshmallow Man

Marshmallow Man is another awesome ghost that appeared in the Ghostbusters franchise. In this classic figure, he looks so adorable and cute. Be sure to buy this one before the stock runs out!

8. The Real Ghostbusters: Bug-Eyed Ghost

The Real Ghostbusters: Bug-Eyed Ghost

The Real Ghostbusters has released some interesting Ghostbusters action figures. First up is the Bug-Eyed Ghost. This particular ghost is not as well-known as Slimer, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that owning this cool toy will be a mistake!

9. The Real Ghostbusters: Winston Zeddemore

The Real Ghostbusters: Winston Zeddemore

Next up on the Real Ghostbusters wave – we got the popular Winston Zeddemore. Winston is one of the original members of the first Ghostbusters movie. He is even voiced by the legendary Arsenio Hall for the Real Ghostbusters TV show! What are you waiting for? Go get this vintage Ghostbusters toy immediately. 

10. The Real Ghostbusters: Raymond Stantz

The Real Ghostbusters: Raymond Stantz

Ray Stantz is one of the original Ghostbusters. He is one of Peter’s closest friends, and together they kick ass! This awesome Ray Stantz figure also includes a Wrapper ghost and some of his iconic weapons. Be sure to check it out!

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11. The Real Ghostbusters: X-Cop

vintage ghostbusters toys

X-Cop is an ordinary policeman who is turned into something inhuman. While this cool character doesn’t make any major appearance on the movie or show, you can still buy one to complete your Real Ghostbusters toy collection.

12. The Real Ghostbusters: Slimer

vintage ghostbusters toys

Your favorite ghost is back for the Real Ghostbuster wave. If you want a more vintage-looking Slimer figure, this will be the right choice. Collect this and the entire Real Ghostbuster toy line!

13. Peter Venkman Figure

vintage ghostbusters toys

Everybody loved Billy Murray’s portrayal of Peter Venkman in the Ghostbuster series. If you’d like to begin your Real Ghostbusters collection, you might want to start with him. What’s more, this awesome figure is still sealed with its original box!

14. Janine Melnitz Figure

vintage ghostbusters toys

Everybody loved Janine Melnitz! The faithful secretary for the Ghostbusters is here in the form of a cool action figure. Although the figure is taken out of the box, you will still get a near-mint figure with all of the assisting items and accessories. 

15. Egon Spengler Figure

vintage ghostbusters toys

Sit tight, we have a lot of awesome vintage Ghostbusters toys from the Real Ghostbusters wave. Next up, we’ve got the magnificent Egon Spengler. This figure perfectly captures his onscreen appearance, making it one of the best Ghostbusters toys out there. Don’t think twice about buying this wonderful 80s action figure. 

16. Peter and Ecto-2

vintage ghostbusters toys

Ecto-1 will always remain as the undisputed Ghostbusters vehicle. But sometimes, people need an upgrade too! If you like this new vehicle, you better start saving up and buy this cool vintage Ghostbusters toy. There aren’t many stocks left, so you better hurry up. 

17. Egon Spengler with Interactive Accessories

Egon Spengler with Interactive Accessories

Here comes another Egon Spengler action figure! But beware, this particular toy is special. It comes with proton packs and buster as well as an interactive ghost figure. This figure is one of a kind, and you won’t want to miss it out. 

18. Vintage Ghostbusters Figurine Set

vintage ghostbusters toys

Collecting Ghostbusters action figures without even buying some ghosts will feel like a crime. That’s why we’d like to recommend you to consider buying this cool set of ghosts. Finish your collection and display these bad boys with other vintage Ghostbusters toys and action figures. In any case, the figurines are very well-made, totally worth collecting! 

19. Winston Action Figure

vintage ghostbusters toys

Can’t get enough of Winston, eh? Tell you what: we couldn’t either! Here, we’ve got another cool vintage Winston Zeddemore action figure for you. This Winston figure might look simple, but you really do not want to miss out having this on your collection.

More Collectible Vintage Ghostbusters Toys

There are a lot more vintage Ghostbusters toys out there waiting for you. Next up on our list, we’re going to recommend cool toys that you can play with. Expect awesome Ghostbusters weapons and vehicles that will bring back some of your childhood memories from the 80’s. 

20. Proton Blaster M.O.D

vintage ghostbusters toys

When called into action, Ghostbusters must not forget to bring their Proton Blasters. With this awesome replica, kids can imagine hunting down ghosts and other paranormal creatures and maintain peace on our planet. 

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21. 1980s Ghostbuster Vintage Set

vintage ghostbusters toys

If you are looking for a diorama so that you can recreate moments from the classic movie, you might want to grab this item, and fast! This set has it all: Ecto-1 and 2, awesome Ghostbusters HQ, and all of your favorite characters from the movie. 

22. Ecto Popper and Goggles

vintage ghostbusters toys

Feel like eliminating some ghosts? Enjoy that experience with this vintage toy that contains an ecto popper and Ghostbusters goggles. Find some ghosts and blast them off to keep the earth at peace. 

23. Ecto-1 Vinyl Figure

vintage ghostbusters toys

Iconic shows tend to have iconic vehicles. Back to the Future has the DeLorean and Batman also has his own Batmobile. In Ghostbusters’ case, you got the infamous Ecto-1. Own this mini replica of that vehicle now!

24. Trendmasters Proton Powerpack

vintage ghostbusters toys

Blast off some ghosts with these cool roleplaying weapons. In this set, you’ll get the nuclear-powered Proton Powerpack. You also get to receive a Plasma Blaster that can eliminate small fries. Suit up and hunt down some ghosts with this awesome toy

25. Ghostbusters PKE Meters Lights

vintage ghostbusters toys

The P.K.E. meter is used as a tool to detect ghosts and other entities. It’s invented by the brilliant Egon Spengler. If you want to try to detect some ghosts, you might want to buy this cool mini replica. When you find something, the light will turn on just like in the movies. 

Final Thoughts

Everything about Ghostbusters is amazing! Thanks to them, we have something that reminds us about how colorful our childhood was. Nothing that can erase our memories about the Marshmallow Man and also the Green slime, that’s for sure. For those of you who love the original version of Ghostbusters and looking for toys that can remind your of the good old days, you have come to the right place. We have a list full of the coolest vintage Ghostbusters’ toys for you to have the feeling of nostalgia.

We believe you will find an item or two that will be something worth having. Or, you can also find the best birthday gift for a special family or friend who love the Ghostbusters as much as you do.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best vintage Ghostbusters toys for kids?

Kids love to roleplay and imagine themselves as one of the characters in their favorite movies. Bearing that thought in your mind, you might want to consider buying some Ghostbusters weapon replicas for them to enjoy. Your children will definitely love playing this cool Trendmasters Proton Blaster. As an alternative, you can also consider this awesome Ecto Popper. In any case, these two items are some of the best vintage Ghostbusters toys for kids.

Which one is the rarest Ghostbusters toy?

Most of the items that we have mentioned before on this vintage Ghostbuster toys list are already considered to be rare. However, none of them came close to the Ecto-Plazm Gel Cans. This item is so rare that one of the sets is known to be sold for $2,000!

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