25 Unique Monogram Gifts You Can Buy

If you want to buy something personal for your partner, you should consider monogram gifts! Monogram usually features one or two letters that represent people’s initials. Furthermore, the letters are written in a unique and elegant design.

Hence, items with monogram motifs are excellent for your friends and family. You should find products that contain letters that correspond to your partners’ names. Fortunately for you, we have collected items with this type of design. So let’s check out our list of 25 unique monogram gifts that you can buy!

Monogram Gifts for Him

The following items are perfect monogram gifts suitable for men. You can buy them for your boyfriend, husband, brother, or even your father! In any case, these products include elegant monogram designs that will impress them.

1. Custom Monogram Ice Cube Tray

Custom Monogram Whiskey Ice Cube Tray

This customized monogram ice cube tray is a good idea for a gift. You can ask the seller to engrave letters on the tray so the ice cubes will have a monogram pattern! This monogram design can include 1 to 3 letters in unique shapes. So, put your partner’s initials on the ice mold!

Furthermore, the tray can accommodate up to 6 ice cubes. It is made of silicone, so it is safe to use. The monogrammed ice cube will look elegant, especially in a glass of cold whiskey.

2. Monogrammed Handkerchief Gift Set

Cotton Initial Monogrammed Handkerchief Gift Set

Wouldn’t it be cool to own a handkerchief with your initial on it? This one comes with various one-letter monograms that look elegant. It is available in black, white, and burgundy base colors.

 Furthermore, the personalized handkerchief comes in a set of 3 and is boxed perfectly. So, you should buy it as a gift for your colleague. It is such an elegant yet functional accessory!

3. Monogrammed Sweatshirt

Monogrammed Sweatshirt Quarter Zip

This item will be a perfect gift for a man who loves simplistic fashion. It is a monogrammed sweatshirt with a quarter zip! This sweatshirt can be used on a breezy day or even in winter. It has a suitable material that is comfortable to wear. 

Furthermore, the design itself is really cool and trendy, with an embroidered monogram initial on the chest. You can also choose the color, size, and custom fonts to be embroidered.

4. Personalized Socks – Set of 5 Pairs

Personalized Socks - Set of 5 Pairs

Being fashionable in a comfortable way can be quite a problem. But now, we have this item that will achieve both! These personalized socks can be comfortable items to use every day. It is made from 80% cotton and has various sizes. Add your friend’s initials to be knitted on the socks as a classic monogram. Plus, you can also add custom quotes embroidered on it!

5. Set of Engraved Multi-Purpose Glass

Set of Engraved Multi-Purpose Glass

When it comes to your loved ones, you must want to make them happy with your gift. This engraved Multi-Purpose Glass could be the best option! The beautiful monogram design and its multi-purpose function make this item super excellent. The glass has a high-quality standard and is expertly engraved for your personalized monogram. They also come in a set with 4 pieces of glass. 

6. Red Plaid Monogram Mug

Stainless Steel Red Plaid Monogram Initial Letter Mug

Here is a very essential item you can get for him! A stainless steel red plaid mug with a monogram on it! It has a simple and cute design, perfect for a daily purpose. The red plaid on its monogram letter adds an eccentric look and may remind you of Christmas. In any case, it is perfect for a relaxing coffee or tea time.

Monogram Gifts for Her

Women can have a very sentimental and specific taste. Not just pretty to look at, you also need to get practical items for daily purposes. Moreover, the woman will love monogrammed things that correspond to their initial. After all, it feels more personal. Here are some unique monogrammed gifts you can get to surprise your female partners!

7. Personalized Monogram Pillow Cover

Personalized, Embroidered, Monogram Pillow Cover

To make her bed looks more beautiful, you can get her a Monogram Pillow Cover. It has several options that allow you to choose your preferred monogram design. You can also select the base colors. The cover offers two versions, with or without pom poms. Furthermore, this monogram pillow cover will be very soft and comfy, thanks to its velvet material.

8. Personalized Monogram Tote Bag

Personalized Gift Monogram Initial 100% Cotton Two Tone

This Monogrammed Initial Tote Bag can help your female friends keep up with the latest fashion trend! You can choose the one with her initial since the seller provides you with whole alphabets. Moreover, the minimalistic yet elegant design will make her look even more beautiful. The bag is made from canvas, giving it a classic look and excellent durability.

9. Monogrammed Comfy T-Shirt

Monogrammed Comfort Colors T-Shirt

Looking for a good gift for your girlfriend? Try this monogrammed t-shirt! It features a perfect combination between comfiness and elegant colors. As a result, the shirt will look great for any occasion.

You may choose the embroidered fonts in your preferred style for the monogram part. The monogram will be located on the pocket chest! Furthermore, the shirt is available in various base colors. So, get one now for your soulmate. She will be delighted to receive this gift!

10. Personalized Makeup Bag

Women's Dopp Kit, Personalized Toiletry Bag

Does your spouse need a bag for her beauty products? Women need a lot of stuff that requires their own storage solution. Hence, you should buy her this personalized makeup bag. 

It is a perfect gift for her because it will complement her style! The bag features monogrammed initial on the buckle. Moreover, it is also available in 5 colors: tobacco brown, smokey blue, true black, hunter green, and rustic red.

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11. Custom Bamboo Cutting Board

monogram gifts

A cutting board is something essential to have in the kitchen. Hence, this custom bamboo cutting board is perfect for a woman who loves to cook! It can be personalized by engraving your partner’s initials on it. Very cool, isn’t it? Moreover, this monogrammed board will also be a lovely mother’s day present.

12. Signet Initial Ring

monogram gifts

Jewelry is a must-have accessory for a woman. So, this initial ring should be on your list of gifts for your loved one. It has big and bold initials that look very tasteful. Furthermore, this ring is made from recycled sterling silver and has sizes of 5 to 9. You can also get one for yourself and have a matching ring with your partner.

Monogram Gifts for Couples

Monogrammed items are perfect gifts for couples. The engraved initials of your partner’s name provide a personalized feeling. As a result, such items will strengthen your relationship. So, we also have come up with a list of monogrammed items that will excite you.

13. Ceramic Monogram Initials Tray

Ceramic Monogram Initials Tray

It must be cool to have a tray with an initial monogram design. You can have this tray for a couple who have just moved in together. The tray is made from ceramic, perfect for keeping small trinkets like rings, bracelets, or jewelry. It also can be used as an organizer in your kitchen or desk. Moreover, the aesthetic is the crucial point of this gift.

14. Personalized Leather Keyring

monogram gifts

Finding a gift that your partner will always like can be tricky. But, this personalized leather keyrings set with a monogram can be a good choice. The design is very unique because it comes in two pieces. One will have your initial, and the other will feature your partner’s.

If you might want to get this as a gift, you can purchase it with a gift box for each keyring. Another good point is the multi-purpose of the keyring. Really good, right?

15. Monogrammed Hand Towels

monogram gifts

This is a perfect kind of gift for couples! It is a monogrammed hand towel that comes in a set of 2. The matching pair of hand towels feature a monogram in it. The font they use for the monogram accent is classic and looks luxurious. 

With these soft and super absorbent materials, these towels can be used in the bathroom or kitchen. The size itself is suitable for traveling. You can definitely give this to a newlywed couple or your parents as a gift!

16. Monogram Door Mat

monogram gifts

This doormat is a lovely housewarming gift for a couple who have just moved in together! It has an initial or monogram on it, which will welcome the guests. It also has a good choice of color, black and gold, making the appearance more attractive. 

Another good point of this monogrammed doormat is that it looks more luxurious than any other doormat. Such a suitable monogram gift for a couple, right?

17. Monogrammed H Decorative Blankets

monogram gifts

Do you know a couple whose names start with H? If so, these monogrammed, high-quality blankets will be a good choice for them! It is made from premium-grade materials that will feel super comfy. Furthermore, it features a stylish design that shall complement any room. The monogram, color gradient, and patterns make the blankets excellent to decorate the sofa, couch, or bed.

18. Personalized Tree Wood Carving

monogram gifts

Here is another perfect monogram gift for couples. This is a personalized tree wood carving! You can also add custom initials to it when you get this decorative item. Put a monogram of a couple’s initials on the tree’s trunk! 

Furthermore, the whole tree symbolizes a thriving relationship. After all, a tree can grow beautifully with nurturing and care, just like love. It is a very thoughtful gift, isn’t it?

Monogram Gifts for Teenage Girl

Finding a gift for a teenage girl can sometimes be challenging. After all, it is hard to guess what teenagers will like these days. Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with monogrammed items! It is simplistic yet trendy and not obnoxious. Younger people will appreciate such gifts. So, let’s check the following items!

19. Hexagon Monogram Necklace

monogram gifts

Isn’t this monogram necklace gorgeous? The monogram hexagon initial necklace is really trendy. It is unique and personalized because you can add your daughter’s initials to it! Furthermore, it is made from 14K gold which looks beautiful yet affordable. The stunning accessory uses a very safe material that is hypoallergenic and nickel-free. Chic design but still very stylish!

20. Personalized City Skyline Pillow

monogram gifts

Teenage girls will always dream about moving to another city! It could be New York or maybe Chicago. You can encourage their dream by giving this nice personalized city skyline pillow. The city’s silhouette looks fantastic, and you can also add a custom monogram next to the pattern.

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21. Personalized Family Circles Necklace

monogram gifts

family necklace can be a good gift for a teenage girl. It can be something that will remind her of her loving family. The accessory has a layer of name or year that can be customized. Furthermore, it is made from recycled sterling silver and bronze. The necklace represents something meaningful and casual at the same time.

22. Personalized Monogram Earrings

monogram gifts

No matter what age they are, a girl must really love jewelry. So, you can give a teenage girl some monogram earrings for her special day. To make it more personal, you can customize it with her initial name. It has various colors and sizes that you can choose from. You can also select what materials you want, whether it’s sterling silver or 14K solid gold.

23. Personalized Reusable Grocery Bag

monogram gifts

Grocery shopping could be difficult for some people, especially for a teenage girl. It can be more fun and stylish with a reusable grocery bag. With a customized monogram, it makes the look of it more excellent. You can also choose the best color that suits her very well. 

24. Personalized Monogram Wall Decal

monogram gifts

As a teenage girl, decorating a bedroom must be an exciting thing to do. To help her with that, you can give her a beautiful princess crown monogram wall decal. It has various colors to choose from, an eccentric one to a calmer shade. This monogram item is also easy to remove and can be personalized with your own preference. Such a good present for monogram fans!

25. Marble Folded Notes Monogram

monogram gifts

This marble folded note with a monogrammed accent is suitable for teenage girls. It even has a set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes included. Besides that, the swirled marble with a gold monogram has a perfect sense of aesthetic. It is a handy gift for sending thank-you notes or just to say hello to friends!

Final Thoughts

If you are one of those people who think that personalized gifts are more meaningful, then we could’t agree more with you. When it comes to personalized gifts, monogram gifts are probably one of the most recommended ones.

In monogram gifts, the letters are not too obvious but still visible enough for everyone to see. You can find a lot of recommendations for the best monogram gifts based on what the receiver loves the most. But gift hunting can sometimes be a bit challenging, and that is why created the above list for you. So check the list carefully and we believe you will find what you’re looking for in no time!

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What are the best monogram gifts for him?

The best monogram gifts for him include a monogrammed mug, sweatshirt, and a personalized pair of socks. Those items will provide comfort to whoever uses them. Furthermore, men usually really love something unique, so the monogram ice cube tray will also be the perfect gift.

What are the best monogram gifts for couples?

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Is monogramming still in style?

Monogram is a really timeless style. After all, people love receiving a gift with their initials on it. Such items feel a lot more personal and meaningful. Some people really love something neat and monogrammed as accessories. You can have a monogrammed item suitable for your own preference or maybe for a gift to your loved one.

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