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Below are categories of gift ideas and inspiration that will blow your loved ones away. This page is packed full of cool gift ideas that are simply awesome! We have created many unique gift categories to make it easy for you to browse and find the exact type of things you are looking for. You will discover awesome gifts for couples, families or that special friend. Don’t forget your pets too! take a look around and find the coolest gifts today! See also our “gifts by profession” Occupation Gifts gift guide.

Beer Cap Maps

Beer Cap Maps

Craft beers have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many fans of these locally-produced alcoholic beverages have taken to keeping the caps of each …

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Ring Clock

Ring Clock

Introducing the Ring Clock! This futuristic-looking little watch gadget would probably be more appropriately named the “Ring Watch” however, it certainly meets the requirements that the designer …

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The Halfbike

The Halfbike

Ready to try a new kind of vehicle?  The Halfbike is a light, foldable bike that provides a unique riding experience.  It’s like a cross …

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Watermelon Tent

Watermelon Tent

What is the perfect visual design for an A-Frame tent?  It’s a big, juicy wedge of watermelon!  Introducing the Watermelon Tent. Beneath it’s vibrant, colorful …

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Hyperlips are quite a weird but fun accessory, which will make your lips look big and gaping. Designed for God knows what reason, these plastic …

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What-If Book

What-If Book: Everybody has questions that they ask themselves when lost in thought. Sometimes these obscure thoughts come to your mind in the shower or while …

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